3032378977_cf0b28a702If you’re reading this, you probably know that newspapers are going through some rough times. Who needs “Rock of Love” when all the tension and nail-biting drama can be found in the newspaper industry?

In fact, Berkeley’s J-School (Graduate School of Journalism, for the uninitiated) is sponsoring a series of events this semester about the media.

Want a taste? On Oct. 26, they’re showing a docudrama. What’s more, “this docudrama will focus on four young university students as they follow their dream to build a robot that will win the annual robot competition (ROBOCON) in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.” Come on, you gotta want a piece of that action!

On Nov. 4, there will be a talk by Scott Rosenberg entitled “We Are All Bloggers Now.” (Oh Rosenberg, you have no idea.) And there’s much, much more.

Still unimpressed? On Oct. 21, Greg Winter, foreign editor of the NEW YORK FREAKING TIMES, gave a talk about international news in the digital age. Here are a few things we learned: read more »


In case you haven’t heard, the newspaper industry is on the rocks. Yes, it’s teetering—just let your good ol’ San Francisco Chronicle tell you (though be warned, it will probably start begging you for a subscription/spare change afterward).

Times are a changin’, and we’re relyin’ on our young, yet-to-be-disillusioned journalism students to pave the way. Fortunately, students at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism should be in good hands, based on the three remaining candidates vying to head the prestigious J-School. read more »