02.04.hiero_.LANG_Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

Gun incidents galore at Berkeley High School bring numerous Offspring references to mind. [Berkeleyside]

On the general subject of violence, Oakland, Berkeley and UC Berkeley police all helped break up a bar fight in Emeryville at around 1:30 Friday morning that ended up with ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY PEOPLE brawling in the street. Mother of God. [Mercury News]

Berkeley Patients Group, the city’s largest medical marijuana dispensary, owes a whopping $6 million in sales taxes to the state. We would insert a joke about someone being too stoned to do the math, but even we are above that (we think). [Mercury News]

In a blow of similar proportions, Blake’s is closing after 71 years of business. Perhaps this will cause a reduction in the general population of what an anonymous fellow student fondly termed “hordes of badly-proportioned slags.” [Daily Cal]

Image Source: Anne Lang, Daily Cal [TtLG]

berk high

Ever get that high school nostalgia? Recall the sports games, spirit weeks, school dances, showing up to class drunk and/or high. Wait what? Reeeeeewind and pause. As far as we’re concerned, attending class whilst crunk is neither conducive to the activity (learning) or even fun for that matter.

Still, Berkeley High students seem to find some appeal in it, perhaps because they believe (delusionally) in a certain status of badassness attained in doing so. Ah, high school, the place read more »

Spectacular death throes are all the rage these days. Newspaper’s tanking, much like the economy, but while the Daily Cal’s trimmed its print edition by a weekday and slashed staff pay, the future of Berkeley High School’s own Berkeley High Jacket is looking up. The high school paper, a 16 page publication with a biweekly print run, just got a serious wad of money. Timely, too, since the newspaper was stewing in a seriously nasty pickle there, what with student staffers admitting they were in danger of folding the following year if someone didn’t come up with a solution fast.

Which the Berkeley Repertory Theatre did! read more »

Two days after a gunman shot and killed an alleged drug dealer on Durant Avenue, Berkeley’s got another shooting on its hands. This one took place around 3 p.m. this afternoon, at the intersection of Dwight Way and Martin Luther King Jr. The 17-year-old boy, who was shot by another male teenager, managed to flag down a teacher driving by in her car. Eventually, the teacher notified police officers, and paramedics transported the injured victim to the hospital. We’re happy to report that this one doesn’t end as grimly as the other ones have — the victim’s alive and well, if a bit incapacitated about the abdomen area. Which is perhaps due to having been shot there. Yes. read more »