Though the park was once a place of activism in the 1960′s, People’s Park is now mostly used as a gathering place for homeless people to, uh, chill. Oh, and sometimes there are hip-hop concerts there.

Among the more exciting occurrences at People’s Park is a small-scale protest going on now, as one man sits defiantly in a tree. He was joined on Halloween night by others who have renamed the park Muwekma which is the Ohlone word for “people.” So it’s  still called People’s Park, they are just saying people in a different language … got it.

IndyBay conducted an interview with the tree sitter Zachary RunningWolf. RunningWolf The tree sitter cited several reasons for the protest. One was that George Beier, a candidate running for District 7, wants to put a soccer field and museum in the park’s place. Another was that the university (Wadup UC Berkeley) is mutilating the park’s trees and veggies.

Zachary RunningWolf He closed the interview with, “Come join us, Come save Muwekma park.”

Note: Edited for accuracy to correct the spelling of RunningWolf’s name and to reflect the fact that the tree sitter was not in fact RunningWolf.

Image Source: djwudi under Creative Commons
RunningWolf promotes tree-sit in People’s Park [Berkeleyside]


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