A study shows that Berkeley residents have longer lives. We hope you like hippies. A lot.

The average life expectancy in Berkeley is 83, which surpasses the nation’s 78, Alameda County’s 79, San Francisco’s 80 and California’s 79. And these are the averages!

Damn. These people are old.

You want more statistics? Let’s talk numbers. Only about 10 percent of residents smoke—residents who are quite arguably all the student smokers (we’re looking at you, FSM hangers-on). Eight percent of adults have no health insurance. Berkeley is also somewhat “skinny” in that only 25 percent of its residents are overweight and obese. That’s less than the national average. We still think it’s kinda fat though.

Looking at race and health in Berkeley also shows some socioeconomic disparity. Berkeley has a lot of rich, educated white people, who tend to have better healthcare and “less stressful lives,” as the Chron puts it. Blacks have it harder, simply put.

bq. “Basically, white people in Berkeley are living longer than African American people,” Dill said. “It’s not any individual’s fault. It’s a combination of factors all playing out together.”

The Chron mentions factors like location of black neighborhoods, diminished presence of parks and grocery stores, and prevalence of crime.

At least Berkeley can boast the old people. We’re sure there’s plenty of talk about the war and how movies used to cost only a nickel and there was no such thing as this newfangled Internets.

We mean, Berkeley even has a 94-year-old aerobics instructor. Now that’s just silly. They should be leading the tantric sex seminar. Wait a minute—they probably are leading the tantric sex seminar.

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