Coming to theaters the Berkeley Student Food Collective near you.


Starved college students come hither. It’s about that time to ditch the ramen noodles, Easy Mac and microwavable dinners for … fruits and veggies? The Berkeley Student Food Collective is introducing a specialized Box fully packed with super fresh and organic assortment of vegetables and fruits for $15 per week.

So what’s the business about The Box? BSFC has this neat idea of providing students with a week’s worth of great produce to students for $15/week or $60 per month. Convenient location for picking up the food makes it way simpler for people like us at the Clog who struggle to find time to go grocery shopping and thus, have healthy to decent food to eat. Also it’s all about supporting local farms and businesses, which we know is the super cool thing to do.

Each box comes with the produce and several recipes you can try. Preparation suggestions are also included so if you have some random vegetable you never existed, like the swiss chard to your right, then you’ll probably be grateful for the preparation suggestion. I mean, it’s a funky looking vegetable, not going to lie.

The Clog thinks we all, as college students, can really appreciate any opportunity to include healthy, natural stuff into our read more »


Believe it or not, Berkeley has been sacrilegiously  food-co-op-less since 1988, when the 51-year-old Consumer’s Cooperative of Berkeley shut its doors. Yesterday marked a glorious return to the heady days of tofu puffs and six varieties of sprouts with the grand opening of the Berkeley Student Food Collective.

Their food coordinator, Heather Do, talked about putting it all together:

“The last couple of days the store basically happened. We got all our produce and the shelves up in the last few days. We were inspected in the morning at 10:30, and the first few people started coming in after that. It’s been awesome.”

People trickled in and out of the store all day to gaze at the conscientiously selected and arranged food items that run the gamut from fresh to canned. The selection, already impressive for the small store size, will only improve in the next few weeks, as the BSFC places more food orders. The goal: to fill every inch of shelf space with food, glorious food, double-stacking the cans, utilizing top shelf space, giving students the option of affordable, accessible, nutritious and anti-Panda-Express sustenance.

The Berkeley Student Food Collective consists of eight coordinators, 38 in-store volunteers who do two-hour weekly shifts, and a large general membership volunteer contingent that does work in committees. The storefront is located at 2440 Bancroft Ave., across from Eshleman Hall.

Image source: Sophie Lee


Not just giant watermelons, but gargantuan zucchinis and onions and corn! All inedible, sadly, as they were part of the Upper Sproul screening of “Fresh” put on by the lovely folks of the Berkeley Student Food Collective.

One attendee, James Huang, said of the documentary’s take on sustainable agriculture: “It’s like ‘Food, Inc.,’ just less gross,” which roughly translates to “Not as many people would be converted to vegetarianism/veganism by ‘Fresh’ as by ‘Food, Inc.’ but, regardless, down with those evil giant food corporations!” read more »