b of bEvery year the Daily Cal selects the best things to do, see and eat in Berkeley. The Clog weighs in on the results:


BEST PLACE TO HAVE SEX: 50-Yard Line of Memorial Stadium … slightly more believable than the Main Stacks, but some how we still doubt it

BEST CAMPUS ECCENTRIC: Sproul Preacher Guy … nothing like the soothing drone of Deuteronomy in the morning

BEST BLOG: California Golden Blogs … really guys? The CCMA would beg to differ.

BEST PERFORMANCE THEATER: Berkeley Repertory Theatre … we’re not surprised

BEST PLACE TO STUDY: Gardner Main Stacks … see the Clog’s lounge crawl

BEST PLACE TO USE MEAL POINTS: Golden Bear Cafe … now serving crab wantons and vegetable empanadas. Are we talking about the same GBC?

BEST WIRELESS: AirBears … or check out what the Clog thinks


BEST SANDWICH: Sufficient Grounds … but don’t actually try to go there read more »

It’s a sad day in the life of Sather Lane. It seems that not even the laudatory review by the Daily Cal now posted on its window (and really, what higher praise could an establishment receive?) could save the beloved Sufficient Grounds.

It’s not just the ubiquitous mound of free donut samples, the free wi-fi and the prevalence of available seating that made Sufficient Grounds so great … well maybe it was. They are a little on the pricey side after all, and let’s face it, it’s not easy competing against Yogurt Park.

No news on what will replace Sufficient Grounds but the current owner predicts that it will be a similar establishment due to strict regulations about what can be sold on the property. We’re just hoping the words “frozen” and “yogurt” won’t be involved.

Image Source: Emma Lantos, Daily Cal
Owner Expects to Sell Sather Lane Coffee Shop [Daily Cal]


When We Were Kings dvd

In case you missed ‘em, the Best of Berkeley results are online. Now, BoB is always a bit problematic because the Daily Cal puts the decision in the hands of–how do we say–misguided voters with a stomach for cost over taste. Alas, even our plans to correct this did not work. Apparently some large group of people still think Gypsy’s is good Italian food. We will not abide.

In other news, Bobby G’s Pizzeria had an interesting win streak, picking up Best Service, Best Bang for Your Buck, Best Overall Restaurant and Best Happy Hour. Hmm. Bobby G’s must have a dedicated group of … fans. Odd, though, that such a winner pizzeria couldn’t even nab Best Pizza.

On the blog front, California Golden Blogs won Best Blog, squeezing us out from our win last year (shucks). Congrats, guys! Oh, and Beetle is jealous or something.

Best of Berkeley 2009 [Website

Earlier: Please Choose Responsibly: Best of Berkeley 2009

So every year the Daily Cal does the Best of Berkeley. And every year the ill-informed freshmen (no offense … OK, maybe a little) vote for some craptastic place like Gypsy’s for best Italian food in Berkeley. This time, we’re going to, er, “suggest” ideas for Best of Berkeley categories so that finally someplace/someone halfway decent and totally deserving of college students’ attention will win the coveted categories. Please!

The following are the categories we care most about. Nominate your own favorites in the comments and remember to vote on the BoB site. Voting ends Saturday, April 11 at 2 a.m. and the Best of Berkeley issue will be published on Thursday, April 16.

read more »

bobAlex Filippenko wins again for being a crazy, awesome dude, the Bear’s Lair prevails as Berkeley’s best bar, and Chez Panisse still owns everyone and their mother. Which of these does not belong?

You’ve voted (or turned up your nose and refused to have anything to do with the process — either way), and the results are out. The Best of Berkeley 2008 results are up, and everything that won really is just a flipflop shuffle from the Units.

But the real upset comes at the bottom of the campus category: the Daily Cal’s own arts editorial staff chose our blogging cohorts at the OTR over yours truly. Shock! Awe! Good on you, OTR. In the meanwhile, we’re just going to be in this here corner dabbing at our jealous tears with a lacy handkerchief.

Best of Berkeley 2008 [Daily Cal]

Admit it. You’re going to miss Berkeley just a little bit this spring break. If you find yourself dreaming of dollar curry or collective pizza indigenous only to B-town, take a break from sleeping in and vote in the Best of Berkeley.

Tell the Daily Cal you love the Clog, tell the paper what else you love in your neighborhood. It’s up to you to defend all things gastronomically sacred in Berkeley–the best Indian in town (hint: it’s not Naan-N-Curry), the spiciest burrito that won’t empty your wallet, the richest cup of joe (certainly not from The Den). You’ve got to participate to make sure the results don’t suck, i.e. all the besties are within a flipflop shuffle from the Units.

You can also remind yourself to vote (and tell all your friends too) if you join the Facebook event. Voting ends Monday, Apr. 7, and then the Daily Cal will release a special issue highlighting the student body’s faves.

Best of Berkeley [Daily Cal]
Best of Berkeley 2008! [Facebook]