Do you have an essay due the day or week you get back from Turkey weekend? A midterm? Anything? If you don’t, you’re one of the lucky few…and probably don’t go to Berkeley. Everyone’s got something or another to do. And if you booked it out of the rain-spattered city before the half-week even started, you may have even more to make up getting lecture notes. Aren’t breaks fun?

Work work work

Since the beginning of formal education, students have been arguing the counterproductive nature of assigning work over holidays. Aren’t we supposed to relax on our days off? Shouldn’t a school break mean a break from homework and studying as well? Apparently not, given that there’s often more work to take home for the holidays than during a normal class week.

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This guy will be shopping Plaid Friday. Will you?Ever heard of Black Friday? Of course you have. It’s that day right after Thanksgiving where people in middle America get trampled at Wal-Mart trying to get the last Tickle Me Elmo and people un-pass themselves out of tryptophan-induced comatose states before dawn to stand in line for the opportunity to purchase video games. In other words, it’s Hell on Earth.

Fortunately, a few East Bay “indie” (or “independent” for the uninitiated) businesses have come up with a suitable, hipper alternative to that basic stand-by, black. They’ve initiated “Plaid Friday,” which participating merchants hope will raise awareness for local business and boost holiday sales.

As a result, flannel-donning hipsters can roll out of bed and feel like they’re sticking it to our culture’s rampant consumerism while still managing to pick up a hand-made something for the mom and/or dad they’ll never admit they have. Genius! Literally everybody wins. Except the people who don’t own any plaid clothing. But please, how many of those actually exist anymore?

Image Source: TheSundayBest under Creative Commons
Local Shops Hope ‘Plaid Friday’ Will Boost Sales [Daily Cal]

Reports say a Wal-Mart employee died just a few hours ago, trampled to death by raging Black Friday bargain-seekers in New York. Shoppers tore down the front doors of the Wal-Mart at Green Acres Mall in Valley Stream, N.Y., knocking down the unidentified 34-year-old worker. Three other shoppers and a pregnant woman were taken to the hospitable for minor injuries.

According to eyewitness testimonials, the waiting shoppers pulled the doors from their hinges in their rush to get into the store. The surge, the NYT solemnly reports, endangered children, who had to be grabbed by their parents so as to not get lost and/or trampled upon in the mad stampede. Jeez. People really are nuts for their tech gadgets and Guitar Hero game kits.

Image Source: r_b under Creative Commons
Wal-Mart Employee Trampled to Death by Customers [NY Times]