Or they could be doing the waltz, actually. Either way, though, they’re dancing. Julie Comerford, of the illustrious UC Berkeley, has just presented research that found two black holes dancing.

As amusing as it might be to picture two black holes, arms outstretched, debonairly gliding across a hardwood floor lit by chandeliers, this is not entirely the case. In fact, these black holes are circling around each other because, according to Comerford, their galaxies may read more »

Switzerland – UC Professor Marjorie Shapiro and some thousands of other scientists gathered on Monday to give the Hadron Collider its first whirl. This supercollider is $10 billion project to be used for recreating mini-universes (never did we think we’d use the word ‘universe’ in a plural form), kinda. Physicists claim this test run was a success, and are excited for the implications of future experimentation. Meanwhile, cloggers stumble through the science-speak and smirk at the comical details: read more »