We have all seen the notorious yet ubiquitous “Sent from my iPhone” signature, and perhaps it is not worth analyzing something so trivial. But we love analyzing everything, and therefore we’re going to analyze the meaning, usage and existence of the “Sent from my iPhone” signature. Android and BlackBerry users (if there are any still out there), worry not. You guys are included in this discussion as well.

Before we got smartphones, we used to look at these default smartphone signatures with a little bit of envy. “Oh look at so-and-so, s/he has a smartphone and can send emails.” We wished we were that cool. Then we got smartphones. We kept that signature in as a way to brag. “LOOK AT US PEOPLE, WE HAVE SMARTPHONES, HA!”

Signature then

Signature then

Apparently though, some people have legitimate reasons for keeping in the default email signatures: read more »


You feel panicky when you don’t have it. You can’t go more than an hour without it. You depend entirely on it ever since you got it. The more you use it, the more you love it and need it. Though it may sound like we’re talking about a highly addictive drug, we’re actually referring to smartphones.

One in five Americans has one and if you know anyone that does, you most certainly have witnessed the symptoms listed above. Researchers questioned what this type of constant cell phone usage can do to our brains and discovered that it decreases our read more »