007It seems like Telegraph is popping out new hot spots like octomom these days. In addition to The Toaster Oven, Pappy’s Grill has opened where the beloved Blake’s previously stood. Pappy’s carries reasonably priced burgers ($5.99 for a classic) and has some similarity to ESPNzone restaurants. The joint has 8 big monitors showing various sporting events simultaneously, including a 17.5 foot screen, for a fan-friendly environment.

Third-year and Pappy’s employee Kayla Love informed us that, “This is a healthy option for customers because the food is organic and the spices are all freshly ground.” Love also feels that Pappy’s is ideal for students because of the fast service and ability to, “get a pitcher of beer and play pool.”

Another worker informed us that in addition to the pool tables and DJ on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, “there is also a load-bearing pole … obviously, for structural purposes.”

Downstairs, Pappy’s has a bar scene much like the nearby competitor, Kip’s. read more »


All right, so we’re kind of putting words in people’s mouths. But that does seem to be the subtext of a recent survey conducted by the UC Graduate Assembly and Associated Students of the University of California, which found Berkeley students reluctant to patronize the Telegraph Avenue and downtown districts for anything other than food.

After all, three-quarters of respondents said the streets are too dirty, and 65 percent complained that there are too many homeless hanging around. About that many also stated that they don’t feel safe enough walking around — the main danger ostensibly being big scary read more »

02.04.hiero_.LANG_Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

Gun incidents galore at Berkeley High School bring numerous Offspring references to mind. [Berkeleyside]

On the general subject of violence, Oakland, Berkeley and UC Berkeley police all helped break up a bar fight in Emeryville at around 1:30 Friday morning that ended up with ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY PEOPLE brawling in the street. Mother of God. [Mercury News]

Berkeley Patients Group, the city’s largest medical marijuana dispensary, owes a whopping $6 million in sales taxes to the state. We would insert a joke about someone being too stoned to do the math, but even we are above that (we think). [Mercury News]

In a blow of similar proportions, Blake’s is closing after 71 years of business. Perhaps this will cause a reduction in the general population of what an anonymous fellow student fondly termed “hordes of badly-proportioned slags.” [Daily Cal]

Image Source: Anne Lang, Daily Cal [TtLG]


Ahem, ahem. Cough, cough. Pause. Shoulder shake. Deep breath. All together, now:


Felt good, didn’t it? That’s because, somewhere deep below  your American “football”-worshipping, NBA finals-obsessing exterior, your soul is totally freaking excited for the  2010 World Cup. (And not just because Nike’s commercial for it is probably the most genius and effective ad ever made. Ever.)

If you don’t have a TV, you will obviously want to congregate in public places with other sports fans to watch the games and share the magic. read more »