Telegraph detour

Clogger: “So, what’s the occasion for this block-party?”

Block partier: “We’re just partying on our streets. We wanna tell the police and corporations that these are our streets.”

Clogger: “Oh … sweet.”

On Saturday night, Telegraph Avenue — between Dwight and Haste — turned into a blues-guitar playing, bowling pin juggling, hacky-sack kicking block party that was not exactly legal, but fun-filled nevertheless.

Well, fun if you’re the type who likes to rebel against the local government and sit (or lie) in the middle of the street while police “politely” remove your trash barrels and makeshift “Block Party” sign that was written on a yellow rag. And, even more fun if you love read more »

partay!Oh yea!

Today, Aug. 2 from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM, you gorgeous residents of Berkeley will be able to enjoy a community block party filled with food, arts and crafts, a live DJ and a jumper for the kids (hopefully we can sneak in and do some flips when no one’s looking).

The “Stop the Violence/Increase the Peace Block Party” — taking place a few blocks west of the Berkeley Bowl, on McGee Avenue between Stuart and Oregon Streets — comes only two weeks after the Berkeley Police Department released an alert stating that criminals are now focusing on stealing smartphones (really? Just now?), with the iPhone being the favorite (for once, it’s a good thing we have Droids).

No, but seriously, go check out the party and quit showing off your stupid, sexy iPhone.

Image Source: Kodamakitty under Creative Commons
Community Calendar [City of Berkeley]
Community Crime Prevention Alert – Robbery Suspects Focus on Smartphones [City of Berkeley]


Get your art on, real free, without having to stray more than two blocks from Unit 1. The Berkeley Art Museum will unveil its eagerly anticipated Fernando Botero exhibit on Wednesday and mere steps down Bancroft Way. Alphonse Berber beckons with some eye-catching 4-D works by Bedri Baykam. The Clog supports block parties of all varieties, especially this kind. Details below: read more »