clog pic (tumblr)Admit it – you have, at one point or another in your career as a Cal student, had to run for the 51B before, been apathetic about the ASUC candidate platforms (even when they try to tell you all about it), and almost certainly have stealthily avoided flyers on Sproul. This and other classic Berkeley sentiments are captured in yet another GIF-tastic Tumblr site,

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Yay AREAAAAA: NYT Blogged.

The Clog just got some new neighbors. And by “new neighbors” we mean the Internet neighborly equivalent of Gatsby’s mansion or, like, the Taj Mahal or something.

Yep, the Gray Lady has moved in next door and has set up shop, tap tap tapping away at the Bay Area blogosphere. In addition to recently launching its Bay Area Report–a new section dedicated to covering the Bay Area that has been cause for just a touch of controversy due to its possible effects on a certain local publication–THE New York Times has started a Bay Area blog.

It will both do original reporting and highlight stuff from “regional media, bloggers, student publications and Twitter.” (Emphasis is ours.) So, um. What’s up New York Times?

Image Source: Rich Anderson under Creative Commons, edited by Evante Garza-Licudine
Bay Area Blog [NY Times]


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In case you haven’t noticed, the Daily Cal added another blog to the mix. A travel blog, to be specific. “Anywhere But Berkeley” boasts some dazzling pictures, so we’re thrilled to add it to our RSS readers (and don’t think we’re just drinking the newspaper Kool Aid—we’re genuinely impressed). So far the blog is representin’ Israel, Spain, Germany, Hong Kong, Tunisia and the Philippines.

While you’re chilling in your parents’ house or nose-deep in summer school, you can pretend that you’re off in some exotic, paradisaical, fragrant or politically tumultuous land. No ticket necessary.

Image Source: Nick Fradkin

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, Daily Cal
Anywhere But Berkeley [Website

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Awkward Turrrtle!With the advent and viral popularization of social networking sites, like Myspace or that new one–uh, what’s it called? Facetome? Facepamphlet? Facebook! That’s definitely it–anyone can find out anything about anybody, anytime.  Anyway, as the face of youth interaction rapidly changes, it seems only natural that the face of parent-child interaction would, likewise, change.  Thus, old people started making themselves Facebooks and new moral conundrums were conceived.

Should you accept your mom’s friend request?  How should you respond when your dad’s ex-co-worker’s girlfriend’s brother writes on your wall just to say hey and to tell you that from the looks of your pictures, you really know how to have a good time? So many possibilities for awkwardness, yet so many possibilities for hilarity to ensue! read more »

Some English professors may profess to know nothing about blogs, but that didn’t stop the English department from launching its new blog. In fact, the blog is an effort to draw more people into the community of dusty-Anglo-tome lovers in face of statewide budget cuts.

In an e-mail to English majors and “friends,” graduate student John Lurz explained the seed behind the idea:

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Normally the Clog doesn’t buy into PR gimmicks, but we can never resist mocking something. When a delightfully deserving PR gimmick falls into our laps, then we’ve hit paydirt.

This week we received an e-mail from Diana, a marketing/PR coordinator for For a moment we thought we happened upon a great tip, even better than learning of Nate Longshore’s blog:

Marshawn (Lynch) just put up his first post (on his Yardbarker blog) the other day, and, well, it’s pretty awesome. As a Cal alum, I think the students would really enjoy checking out his blog, so I’m writing again to see if we can work together to get the word out to them.

Intriguing … Diana continues with her forthrightness:
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In case you hadn’t figured it out yet, we’re on Spring Break now and what goes for the Daily Cal sort of goes for us, too. You can expect less frequent updates all this week!

It’s for your own good, really. You wouldn’t want lazy bloggers during the ASUC elections now would you? Maybe you’ll see us in Cabo, West Palm Beach, or on MTV. Then again, more likely not.

Now go get yourself a drink and start the fun.

Everyone wants a piece of the ASUC elections pie. 92510, an East Bay Express blog, spreads Cal’s election woes to the Bay Area using a quote from the Catalytic Triad in its headline: “Cal Elections Emit ‘A Vile Scent of Deception.’” 92510 steps around the issue of election politicking, possibly due to its removed naivety, so let us clarify. It will get ugly. You have no idea.

92510 is somewhat offended that one would mock the number of Facebook friends Ilana Nankin has rather than make fun of one of the men running:

bq. Well, Chris [Catalytic Triad author], how about lambasting one of the guys instead?

Do they need more bread and butter? We say let them eat cake.

Still, it seems there’s too much penis in the politics for 92510. We guess the vibrator-racers of SQUELCH! aren’t vagina-friendly enough.

Then there’s more hating and they link to candidate Justin Azadivar’s Beetle Beat without mentioning that he is running himself, kind of.

In any case, it’s amusing to see elections get attention outside of Cal, although one might wish the campus’s better face to get the limelight instead. Actually, scratch that. ASUC elections are the soap operas of student life, and oh, we friggin’ love to hate them.