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We’re sure you’re no stranger to the staggering amount of bizarreness on the internet. There are robots posing as people, people posing as robots, too many porn sites to count, videos about everything, videos about nothing … the list goes on.

Keeping that in mind (for the rest of eternity, of course) and scrolling through some of our recent blog posts the other day, we came to realize that The Daily Clog is the lucky recipient of many strange and interesting comments. Here and now, we’re taking the liberty of posting some of our favorites for you (with some sassy commentary, would you expect any less?).

For starters, let’s examine the wonderful make-up brush cleaning tutorial provided for us by Eunice Choi just a couple days ago. Some of the comments provide great feedback and response to the piece. Debbras Canas, for instance, a seemingly veteran comment poster, offered and interesting point of view:

“Hey Kez,Nice pics are you single The danish coach”

Now, just a few follow-up questions. Who is Kez? Why doesn’t Debbras like question marks or periods? What about the Danish coach?! Robt Dumeny, on the other hand, had a very different perspective: read more »

Do you love to troll? Are you one of those people who blog anonymously about things you hate? Well, watch your words because Berkeley and Stanford researchers suddenly made it a lot easier to find people like you (with some fine print as well).

read more »


Hey there. So sometimes the Clog feels bad for being the Internet–this is Berkeley, so we know you know what we’re talking about. The Internet is destroying journalism! And books! And grammar!

LolCats alone is probably held responsible for the death of spelling. So we feel like we should get some karma points by telling you that you should go to Moffitt Undergraduate Library to see the exhibit entitled “The Future of the Book.” read more »


The new school year means all sorts of changes, and probably one of the last of them on your mind was the official convening of the new ASUC senate. The first senate meeting of the semester took place last night, and while we’re assuming it’s not still going on, it wouldn’t be a record if it were.

Th ASUC also seems to be making a bit more of an effort to be hip and cool, launching a blog and a twitter feed. Now, we’re not entirely sure how reading Will Smelko’s tweets about the chancellor’s reception is supposed to usher in a grand era of hope and change in the ASUC in the face of a largely apathetic student body, but we suppose that remains to be seen.

Image Source: jonas_k under Creative Commons
ASUC Elected Officials Blog [ASUC]
ASUC President [Twitter]

Villa Rides film


Just kidding, dudes. We were actually pretty stoked to hear about In Berkeley

, a brand spankin’ blog that covers “news, events and issues in our city,” with what appears to be a bit more, er, what’s the word we’re looking for here … seriousness (Depth? Intelligence? Life experience?) than your loyal Clog–not to mention a smidge

Bringing Down the House dvd

less sarcasm.

Bloggers Dave Winer and Lance Knobel have only been posting since the beginning of June, but they’ve already done some pretty comprehensive blogging of everything Berkeley … except read more »

While admittedly not a blog centered on the city or university, the Berkeley Rep unveiled its new blog earlier this week. Of particular note is the second entry concerning the play Yellowjackets.

Why? Well, if you’re reading this, it means you’re reading a newspaper blog post about a blog about a play about a newspaper. Isn’t that awesome? That’s like, metashit right there.

At least they’ll have an easier time coming up with content than, say, the last Berkeley blog, as the Rep is planning to use their blog as a way of connecting with its readers and audience and to provide info on what literally happens behind the scenes.

But if you’re into entertainment-related blog stuff, check the Daily Cal’s own arts and entertainment section. It’s what’s for blog!

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Berkeley Rep [Blog]

Under the direction of Guerrilla Media, a new blog is expected to crash the Berkeley blogosphere soon. The blog will be a start-up with a handful of bloggers at it twice a day, covering campus life. Dude, we couldn’t cover that much campus–even with the tree-sitters.

The blog’s looking to hit that hot casual college style. From some e-mail communication, though, it sounded more like a slightly tamer target. We guess we’ll see how their blog pans out … when it shows up. But in the meantime, we’ll just rest on our laurels.

Image Source: Felipe Micaroni Lalli under Creative Commons
Job: Guerrilla Media [Berkeley J-School]

Did you see the the goodbye squirrel on the Daily Cal’s Friday front page? Yesterday was the last day of Daily Cal publication for the year, but that doesn’t mean the world stops spinning.

The Clog, for one, will post throughout winter break. Starting Monday, we’ll switch into winter mode. You’ll notice 1) a different design soon and 2) less posts until mid January.

We’ll still be here, but we’ve got to suffer through finals too. Then it’s off to continue blogging on our “vacation.” Such is the life of a blogger!

On Saturday morning, the Clog attended a blogging workshop hosted by the Asian American Journalists Association. We stepped into North Gate not knowing what exactly happens in a blogging workshop. Really, we were there because (1) the Daily Cal paid for us and (2) we wanted to meet Tim Goodman, the Chron’s awesome TV critic.

We started with a panel of four blog people: the Chron’s deputy managing editor for online Eve Batey, Curbed SF editor Sarah Hromack, food blogger Amy Sherman and aforementioned Tim Goodman (who also blogs on Bastard Machine and podcasts).

They threw out some words, most of which the forty-year-olds were struggling to catch. One panelist, in discussing Movable Type, mentioned its parent company Six Apart.

“What was that again?” one of the fogies asked.

“Six Apart.”

“Six … of Hearts?”

“Six. A. Part. It’s run by a husband and wife, whose birthdays are six days apart.”


Keywords for the panel: Flickr, Moo cards, Vox, open source, RSS.

The best part of the workshop, barring the technologically challenged older people, was Goodman’s tips in the blogging packet we picked up. Here they are, in entirety:

1. Get the money up front.
2. If you don’t get the money up front, you may feel pressure to blog anyway because everyone else is and if you already have a newspaper job then you might not have it tomorrow unless you’re a blogger, so maybe you should blog first and ask for money later.
3. Blogging first and asking for money later never works. I’ve tried it.
4. If you blog, you may get interested in or be asked to podcast. Just know this–there is no money in podcasting. So don’t ask for it.
5. If you podcast, you’ll discover that it’s like radio without the listeners. But at least you can alert your blog readers to the fact you’ve posted a podcast as well. This may be the only reason to have a blog, which is actually kind of sad.

Other great moments, during the actual workshop portion:

“Have you all opened up your Web browser?” Batey asked.
“You’re speaking Greek to me,” a techtard said.
“I only speak English.”


“OK, you’ll need to be able to access your e-mail to register (for a Vox blog). Can everyone do that?” Batey asked.
“How do I know if I can do that?!” The same techtard.
“Have you ever been able to access your e-mail from another computer?”
“You mean now? In here?” She was freaking out.
“Like ever. As in your entire life.”


Image Source: Felipe Micaroni Lalli under Creative Commons

We’re so glad that nowadays we can share our thoughts with up to 10 people using “the online blogopolis.”

Often, people will come up to us and say, “Clog, what is blogging? What is this Intarwebs?” We refer them to Gabe and Max. And then laugh. Not at them, but mostly because we’re watching that lolcats video on YouTube again.

The sad thing is we could totally do a legit blog post about some dude on the bus because, hey, it’s Berkeley. Especially if we’re talking about the 51 here.

Gabe & Max’s Internet Thing [YouTube]

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