Are you sick of trendy news references to blogs? Well, you should probably leave the room, because we’re blogging about a big blogging reference right here. The MSN homepage (with the help of “PC World”) prominently featured a “100 Blogs We Love” list.

The rundown’s a bit corporate friendly but could serve as an adequate inculcation for our country’s luddites. The Bay is well represented, not surprisingly. Frankly though, the editors of “PC World” don’t know shit about the massive sports blogging community. Strange, you’d think there’d be a bigger overlap in that Venn diagram of nerdiness.

We’re not even going to make that “somehow, we didn’t make the list” crack because it’ll show up on a million blogs by the time this sentence has a period at the end of it. For a much more refreshing taste of that sweet, sweet web nectar, one need only click on any typical blogroll. Except for ours. Because it doesn’t “exist.”

100 Blogs We Love [MSN]