I think i can see Berkeley from here!

“Hey, welcome back! So what did you do this summer?”

“Oh, you know, just focused on the U.S. labor policy and its effect on disabled youth in my internship with the American Association of People with Disabilities at the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment and Policy, in Washington, D.C. Then I spent some time in Malaysia working on a project to distribute condoms and clean syringes in prisons. After that, I headed to a small town in Guatemala to help indigenous Mayan artisans build a sustainable market for the crafts they produce. And then I came back to the Bay Area to interview transsexuals in S.F. about their experiences dealing with the health care system. What about you?” read more »

2598816622_048093aecbHere’s a scary factoid: newspapers in the Bay Area have reduced their newsrooms by nearly 50 percent in the last several years. As people currently working in the field of journalism, statistics kinda lead us to question our career goals.

Not that the crash and burn of the newspaper industry is anything new. But with newspapers disappearing daily and journalists steadily losing their jobs, one has to wonder if a news-less world is on the horizon. In a recent trend, nonprofit news organizations have started to “sell their stories to multiple partners–newspapers, radio and television stations, blogs and hyper local news sites–” which had previously been “phobic about printing any article that was not produced by their own staff writers.” read more »

Seen this one, Go Back to Berkeley?Speaking of relatively new Berkeley-related weblogs (See what we did there? We used old-timey language for humor. Be amused, dammit!) we recently came across this one.

Go Back to Berkeley had been getting a good amount of positive press, so we decided to check things out for ourselves. The blog is pretty cute in a “Berkeley’s-so-quirky-let’s-celebrate-quirkiness-everybody” way, but it’s not exactly groundbreaking content-wise. (A Prius in Berkeley? O RLY?!)

What’s cool about it, though, is it’s super straightforward. No pontificating on the Berkeley lifestyle and no subtle holier-than-thou attitude. Overall, definitely worth a visit if you feel like chuckling a knowing chuckle or two.

Image Source: uzvard under Creative Commons
Go Back to Berkeley [Site]

UC Berkeley and UCLA law schools are teaming up to create a new enviroblog that focuses on policy and law. And no, they don’t have any writers called Robert—we checked.

Called “Legal Planet,” the blog is made up of 12 contributors, six of which are from UCLA and seven who come from Berkeley (and yes, we did count that right).

Legal Planet has been around since January, so there’s plenty of content for you environmental law fans—and you can bet you won’t get doubletalk.

Image Source: SoftPIX_Techie under Creative Commons, modified by Evante Garza-Licudine
Legal Planet: Environmental Law and Policy [Website] via Newscenter

Any1 kan cookz!
It looks like Alice Waters’s culinary regality might not be enough to keep her Slow Food-sowing, local produce-julienning  hands clean.  And Anthony Bourdain might be a trifle intimidated, judging by the speed with which he backpedaled over his earlier digs at Waters. Well, as intimidated as someone who calls anyone else’s letters to the president “wildly hubristic” can be, anyway.  

According to Gothamist–yet another “Ist” blog–Bourdain and Waters are set to duke it out, face to face, at a forum for gourmet heavyweights in May. We certainly look forward to hearing about this one. It promises to be a real ”food fight.” (Ha! Take that, Gothamist! Or … not.) 

Update: More Waters-bashing on NPR.  Wow, things are getting way more intense than we anticipated, up in here. 

Image Source: davidsilver under Creative Commons
Anthony Bourdain Talks Alice Watersgate [Gothamist], via Eater SF 
Waters Backlash, Cont. [Eater SF]
Earlier: Alice Serves Mouthwatering Cuisine in D.C., Sparks Blog-oversy

We mourned the passing of College OTR’s best writers, honked noisily into kleenexes at Beetle’s departure in May, and raised a brow at Dangierre‘s disappearance from the collective blogosphere that same semester. But waddaya know? New voices on the internet are never lacking. read more »

Twins are yummy.Googling yourself isn’t always a pathetic, procrastinatory endeavor. Case in point: the Clog’s just discovered that it was separated at birth. Our twin‘s all growed up and moved to Philadelphia, where it covers arts, sports, news and the import of Peruvian llamas for the city newspaper. Hot.

Did our predecessors ever have a debate about the relative merits of “clog” as a noun, versus “clog” as a verb? Because waddaya know, the Philadelphia Clog totally has a more charming header than us.

Oh, and plus five in the brownie points column for the posts about Lost. Some of us are incurable fangirls like that.

Image Source: icandream under Creative Commons
The Clog [Philadelphia City Paper]

For those who dare not venture to the perpetually
in-progress Web site for the Daily Cal, you should know that there’s now a spiffy graphic (see right) advertising the new sectional blogs. Surprise. There’s more terror in the world.

OK, so it’s not so much of a surprise. Someone snitched to Danigerre a while back, but now it’s confirmed. And no, the Clog is not going anywhere. Sorry.

The Clog would like to welcome its fellow blog brethren to the Intrawebs. Say hello to:

- Bear Bytes, the sports blog
- Notes From the Field, the extra-news blog
- It’s What’s For Blog, the arts blog

Then there’s also the Editors’ Blog, which has been up for a while actually. We might as well throw that one some love as well.

Image Source: Daily Cal
Daily Cal Blogs [Daily Cal]

This is slightly amusing (or scary, whichever). The “contemptible Michigan power blogger” hasn’t ceased “begging for our Teddy“. Not only that, he deemed recent “The Band Is Out On The Field Tedford-kvetching“: to be an evil plot.

The jokingly paranoid dude wrote:

bq. I call smokescreen. We still covet precious Tedford. In two weeks the Bears face off against Oregon; if Cal wins the drumbeat will intensify. Ted-ford. Ted-ford.

Now, is it ridiculous to blog about a blogger’s fake criticism of another blogger’s football assessment? Umm … No?

A few thoughts on Tedford, while we’re on the topic. Though JT is our “ass-kicking savior“:, he can’t seem to save us from annual demolishing at the hands of USC. True, we don’t receive the, ahem, “extra benefits” that a private school gets. But Cal should be snagging some better recruiting classes. It’s not like there are a bunch of pissed-off, tree-dwelling hippies standing/climbing in the way of athletic facility construction.

Oh, wait.

(Checking Internet for the first time in 7 months)

On second thought, Tedford’s a miracle worker. Eat snow, you home-wrecking Michigan Wolverweasel fans. And chill out, Berkeley sports blog community.

Image Source: Daily Cal
Unverified Voracity Unveils The Time Portal [MGoBlog
Recap: The best team that could be awful [TBIOOTF]
Earlier: An Evil Michigan Plot to Steal Tedford? Damn You, Mitten State!

The Clog has to be candid on this one: We’ve been underwhelmed by quite a few Lakoff lectures. So underwhelmed that we considered placing Robert Reich in front of George in the battle for most prominent height-challenged, bearded, famous, liberal, Jewish Berkeley prof-pundit.

Oh, but what have we here? It looks like GLake just killed it in “his latest Huffington Post blog” (best to use battle rap lingo for liberal vs. conservative beefs). Not to get all Tucker Carlson and coldly pontificate on the “spinning” of an important issue, but Lakoff really showed some fire with this article. After hearing so much of didactic George, it’s refreshing to read genuinely angry George (what about independent George?).

But why is Lakoff so pissed? It’s not like the government is doing anything destructive or deceptive. That kind of thing could only happen when the descendents of a bygone righteous protesting era focused on the wrong things. Like, if those torch-bearing democracy-checkers “obsessed over the sanctity of some old Oak trees” instead of organizing against the war and other important people-centric issues.

If something crazy like that did happen, it would probably be indicative of a massive atrophy in intelligent dissent. Hmm, such misplaced anger might even help give government officials a free pass on a bungled war and the dismissal of constitutional rights. Only at that point of insanity would Lakoff’s current frustration fit within the parameters of propriety. Oh wait … Shit.

Whose Betrayal? [Huffington Post]

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