Bach meets Einstein?Few things have so piqued our interest of late as the prospect of an evening with a bluegrass-playing mathematician. Such is Mr. Stiles’ mode of self-reference, and one that we refused to investigate prior to Friday night’s show, wanting the experience to be as organic as possible.

Which of course didn’t stop our imaginations churning. Was this guy in the vein of, like, School House Rock? Would his music be so geometrically pleasing that we’d achieve a heretofore unexplored plane of knowledge? Or was the whole thing gimmicky B.S., and Stiles himself kind of a tool?

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shorts11-235x300If you’re into music and culturally enriching experiences and all that jazz, check out the San Francisco Jazz Festival now through late November. By “festival” we mean “lineup of jazz musicians playing in S.F. until November.” [SF Gate]

What do Steve Martin, MC Hammer and bluegrass have in common? If you don’t know the answer to that question then you must have stayed at home watching Hulu this weekend. [SF Gate]

Have you ever slept in the common room because you were sexiled or had to resort to an uncomfortable cough to alert your roommates that their upper bunk dry hump session isn’t as subtle as they think? Students at Tufts apparently haven’t. [The Paper Trail]

If you decided bluegrass or the library (yawn) was a better way to spend your weekend than donning your tutu and raving to techno, don’t worry, here are some pictures. It’s almost like being there: minus the music, the people and the fun. Yeah, it’s really nothing like being there. [San Francisco Citizen]

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