Last month (yes, it’s December now!) we brought to you our first library crawl. But since there are a lot of libraries at UC Berkeley (in case you didn’t know), one crawl simply wasn’t enough. In this crawl, we bring to you Morrison, Bancroft and the Law Library. We hope this helps in finding a place to (pretend to) study during RRR Week, and we wish you the very best of luck on your finals.

Note: the Law Library is not open to undergraduates during Finals period.

Morrison Library – Eunice Choi



  • A quietness that isn’t intimidating like Main Stacks but instead allows people to fully focus on their reading/work.
  • A nice view of Morrison.

    A nice view of Morrison.

  • Extremely comfortable, squishy couches and seats of various kinds that make reading a read more »

christopher-edleyWe’re writing from the Steinhard Courtyard of Boalt Hall, where a in collaboration with UCMeP (UC Movement for Efficient Privatization)-organizedSave Our Dean (SOD) just concluded a Solidarity Rally for Law School Dean Christopher Edley, complete with catchy slogans,  a remote-controlled car, barf bags, well-dressed law students, and healthy doses of equal parts hope, idealism and passion.

Drums punctuate the chants of “No pensions, no peace!” and ”Executive pensions are under attack! What do we do? Stand up and fight back!”

A law student takes the microphone to say, with a straight face, “You, sir, turn the epithet, ‘craven scum,’ into an honorific. We’re all craven scum!” as rally-goers erupt into cheers.

The rally is in response to a recent letter co-signed by 36 UC executives to UC President Mark Yudof and the Regents arguing against the establishment of pension benefit caps and the Dean’s decision to be amongst the signatories.

And what does that have to do with remote-controlled cars and barf bags?

The little bright orange car maneuvering between the forest of students’ legs is the future Tesla vehicle Dean Edley will be able to afford with the pension benefits the fictitious Apollo Group representative is offering him, while the barf bags are actually BARF bags, the Bereft Administrators’ Relief Fund’s fundraising containers.

(Note: Post edited for accuracy)

Image source: Save Our Dean web banner

As the new President-elect meditatively contemplates a buckling economy, gears in the political machine are a-turnin’, and the new administration’s eyeing fresh meat for key appointments in high positions. Who out of the Berkeley academic crypt could possibly be so well-regarded as to deserve such a lofty designation? read more »

One Boalt student didn’t distinguish himself at Berkeley. Instead, he jolted UC Hastings School of Law and an online law school community.

On Wednesday, a user named “Trustafarian” posted a dark crack and innapropriate comment on, a law school discussion board. He started a thread called “Just decided not to do a murder-suicide copycat at Hastings Law” in reference to Monday’s shooting at Virginia Tech. Before he edited it, his initial comment read:

I went to bed all set for “Bloody Wednesday,” but when I woke — to sun, to flowers in bloom — I just couldn’t bring myself to suit up.

Maybe tomorrow; I hear rain’s in the forecast.

Hastings, located in nearby San Francisco, took the threat seriously. The school shut down and students evacuated their classrooms on Wednesday.

Investigators found the comment to be a hoax, but Boalt isn’t laughing. Dean Christopher Edley said in an email:

Quickly on the heels of (the criminal investigation) and regardless of its outcome, we at Boalt will consider what disciplinary proceedings might be appropriate. Of course, we are also consulting with mental health professionals.”

The founder of the discussion board put the FBI in contact with the alleged poster, but no name has been released. The FBI and the San Francisco Police Department are currently looking into criminal charges.

The commenter seriously fucked up, and now he or she could get real law experience, acting as the accused and as the defense. Trustafarian, now you can finally use your Boalt education…by defending yourself at Boalt.

If it were up to us, though, you’re already guilty of being a douche.

Boalt student posted fake threat to Hastings [SF Chronicle]
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