The best part about the fall semester? Getting the chance to terrorize freshmen of course. Oh, and football season. Mainly football season. Even though we don’t have a bonfire this year, we can all go see Bob Dylan and then heartily show our blue and gold against the trees. But it doesn’t take the Big Game to get us excited — any sort of football, period, gets us juiced. Even the following video about training camp. We hope y’all are getting just as pumped as us.

bonfire rally

Sadly, Bob Dylan‘s trip to the Berkeley Greek Theater coupled with the absurdly early Big Game date (Oct. 20th, Jesus Christ!) means that the epic Bonfire Rally will not be happening this fall. Apparently, Bob Dylan and various other concert structures are difficult to set up and extremely flammable, leading to a cancellation of fire-laden activities.

UC Rally Committee will attempt to hold an alternate rally at Edwards Stadium, but without the usual awe-inspiring pyrotechnics. Well Cal, if there’s anything worth protesting over, it’s this. Get those picket signs out and start chanting “Freshmen more wood!”

Image source: Sean_Yoda_Rouse under Creative Commons

bob dylan

In support of his new album, Tempest, Bob Dylan will be performing 27 shows in a month and a half. Talk about a marathon.

One of those shows includes the Greek Theater at Berkeley on Friday, Oct. 19. If you’re concerned about going to the Big Game rally though, you can catch Bob Dylan in San Francisco on Wednesday, Oct. 17 and Thursday, Oct. 19 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. Get those tickets now ‘cuz for Bobby, they’re gonna sell fast.

Image source: Stoned59 under Creative Commons

As part of the Clog’s continuing quest to keep you from doing your Chem 1A reading, we present a set of mind-explodingly awesome live tracks laid down right here in Berkeley through the years. (Oh, and by the way, we’re in the market for White Stripes tickets, if you can hook us up). First up, Foo Fighters:Foo Fighters, Best of You (Acoustic)Is Grohl singing to a former lover who’s settling for less than she’s worth or to a country that reelected George Bush? You be the judge here.Bob Dylan, Tangled Up in Blue—Aug. 10,1988

 The sound quality is far from perfect on this one, but Dylan turns in a surprisingly muscular version of one of the Clog’s favorite songs. And he sure sounds much better than when he played Haas Pavilion a few years back.Spoon, I Summon You—Aug. 12, 2006
 Stupid title, great song.Jimmy (sic) Hendrix, Live at the Berkeley Community Theater
 It’s not from the Greek Theatre, but who cares? It’s Jimi himself. This clip is part one of a concert movie that intersperses his performance with documentary footage, covering what looks like most of his performance from 1970. Take a listen to Johnny B. Goode starting at 8:08 of the first part. Melts your face right off.Foo Fighters – Best Of You. Acoustic Tour, live in Berkeley [YouTube]Bob Dylan – Tangled up in Blue – Berkeley 1988 [YouTube]Spoon live in Berkeley – I Summon You – 8/12/2006 [YouTube]Jimi Hendrix Live at Berkeley pt. 1 [YouTube]