Late last night, a group of people marched on Bobby B’s University House and ended up scattering garbage, destroying lighting and overturning planters. Eight people ended up being arrested by UCPD after the Birg called the fuzz at 11:14 p.m., and two of those arrested were UC Berkeley students. Wait, just two? According to UCPD, the names and ages of the arrested are as follows (in approximate ascending order of age for your convenience): read more »


cimg2231There have been a lot of big names gracing our campus with their presence lately, most of which we’ve only been able to read about in the newspaper. If, like us, you decided to spend your time sleeping rather than camping out to nab a ticket to see His Holiness speak The Hard Word film on Saturday, then you’re probably kicking yourself for choosing unconsciousness over a global spiritual leader.

But you didn’t have to wait in any inconvenient 16-hour lines to see Thursday’s important speaker; in fact all you really had to do was walk up and sit yourself down. Former Vice President, Academy and Grammy Award winner, Nobel Laureate and environmentalist hotshot Al Gore was the honored speaker at Thursday’s opening of the Blum Center for Developing Economies (aka that thing they’ve been building on North Side forever). read more »