Good news, everybody who’s been tearing their hair out wondering when famous Berkeleyan Mario Savio and ’90s “rap-rock” favorites Linkin Park would finally debut their long-awaited collaboration:

Behold “Wretches and Kings,” a song from Linkin Park’s forthcoming album — their first in three years, mind you — which subtly integrates (read: tacks on at the beginning) a recognizable sample from Savio’s 1964 “Bodies Upon the Gears” speech. It’s, uh, Linkin Park-y. We guess. But, hey, way to go, iconic leader of the Free Speech Movement Mario Savio! You know you’ve made it into the historical big leagues when the likes of Linkin Park use you to “make a point.” Nice to get some recognition after you tried so hard and got so far, huh?

(Thanks to former Daily Cal staffer, Jeff Goodman for the tip!)

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