If you know some Java or Python, CodingBat is a great website if you have some time to kill, and a laptop. It’s a site full of coding puzzles for people read more »


Now that most of us have smart phones and mp3 players, we’ve been able keep a steady stream of sensory input. Whether it’s standing in line or waiting for a practice room in Morrisson Hall, we have access to a virtually infinite amount of entertainment at any time. We can finally avoid the awkwardness of twiddling our thumbs and staring at nothing. But that raises the question: is there any value in having nothing to keep us busy but our own thoughts? read more »

Juggling and unicycling? Is that juggling and unicycling at the same time? Or a weekend of half a circus tent of ball-flinging and half a tent of back and forth unicycling?

Turns out, it’s more. Oh, so much more. The Berkeley Jugginlg and Unicycle Festival has a full schedule of performances and workshops lined up this Saturday and Sunday, including “Advanced Poi,” “Laughter Yoga,” and “Whip Cracking.” For those of you just looking to brush up on your “Machine/Robot variations with 3 to 5 Balls” or “Eccentric Performing and Juggling”, they’ve got space for you, too.

If you were just looking for a chill weekend off of midterms with a game of unicycle tug-of-war, perhaps a nice, relaxing uni ride through Marc’s Malicious Obstacle Course of Doom, search no further! BJUF happens to host just that! read more »