spiderWith so much greenery (and sometimes some not-so-greenery), it’s only natural that the Botanical Garden holds scary things that go bump in the night.

On Wednesday, July 20 you can pay a mere $15 ($12 for members) to be surrounded by spiders. Dr. Rosie Gillespie, director of the Essig Museum of Entomology and spider expert, will again host a walk around the Garden to look for all sorts of these monstrous bugs, ranging from wolf spiders (which clearly needed to be named after another fearsome beast in order to be terrifying) to jumping spiders (in case you feel your personal space could be brightened up with a little spider).

If you’re not slightly deranged or just don’t want to pay money to be surrounded by creatures that many people actively avoid, then the garden has another, slightly more visitor-friendly walk. Every fourth Tuesday of the month until October, you can walk with a guide in search of butterflies. It’s free with admission, but like the spider hunt, you must register.

So which would you prefer: a creature with eight hairy legs or one with two beautifully colored wings?

Image Source: Care_SMC under Creative Commons
Butterfly Walk [UC Berkeley Events]
Spider Hunt in the Garden [UC Berkeley Events]

390552100_2d5a1d6413Okay, so we’re sure most of us can agree that Feb. 14 is a steaming load of bollocks. But whether you’re single and loath to feel the least bit sorry for yourself, or blissfully in love and still of the opinion that Valentine’s Day is dumb as f*ck, there is NOTHING preventing you from getting out and milking the occasion for every drop of awesome it possibly has to offer.

Don’t Wait Till the Weekend
SF Bay Guardian lists a cornucopia of opportunities beginning as early as tomorrow night—among these Cal Academy’s weekly Thursday NightLife, Burlesque-wrestlemania, and something that the post’s author has dubbed “Arabs Gone Wild.” Prices range from nonexistent to moderately affordable.

Vegans Need Love Too!
Hence, Berkeley’s Vegan Valentine’s Day Dance. It’s not on V-Day exactly (rather Friday, Feb. 12) and tickets are a little on the steep side ($50 a person), but they get you access to an open bar, fabulous food and raffle tickets rendering you eligible for miscellaneous goodie bags and gift certificates. Plus, singles as well as couples are invited, AND it’s LGBT-friendly. Can you say love, twu love? read more »

2892161469_79363d5c91Now, when we say escapade, we’re using the term rather loosely. If you’re like us, i.e. normal, the Spider Hunt in the Garden probably sounds about as appealing as taking a jaunt on down to Malibu and swimming, oh, maybe 500 feet or so from shore.

But for those of you out there who aren’t victim to crippling arachnophobia, the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden is hosting ye grande olde celebration of the creepy little bugger this Tuesday from 8 to 9:30 pm. Replete with “wolf spiders, crab spiders, jumping spiders, sheet web and funnel weavers, long jawed spiders and more,” the hunt costs 15 bucks a pop, which is quite the bargain for 90 minutes of life-scarring proportions.

Now please excuse us while we shudder uncontrollably.

Image Source: Ekler under Creative Commons
Spider Hunt in the Garden [UC Botanical Garden]