40951465_715ff45902This may come to no surprise for those of you who’ve ever walked home from a party by yourself past People’s Park when some unsuspecting gentleman exclaims “Daaayum girl, you’ve got some fine ankles!” Or maybe you’ve tried to silently weave through the sleeping quarters (a.k.a. the sidewalk) of snoring residents while tipsy: the People’s Park sobriety test.

Or perhaps you’ve tried to offer an unopened loaf of bread (name brand, we might add) only to be scoffed at and asked, “what am I supposed to do with that?” Our point is that People’s Park is not the kind of place you’d take your kids to play on the jungle gym or have a picnic, and the people who call it “home, sweet park” are not exactly ideal neighbors.

Just ask one Hillegass Avenue resident who recently confronted several People’s Parkians about their abandoned belongings on the sidewalk. The guy was reportedly pushed to the ground and then sprayed with his own hose in a brawl, last Wednesday, that we can only imagine was quite unpleasantly scented. Takeaway message: those creepers in the park that compliment your ankles late at night really are creepy.

Image Source: mary hodder under Creative Commons
Residents, Homeless Try To Coexist by People’s Park [Daily Cal]