Check your email inbox and you’ll find an announcement from Chancellor Robert Birgeneau regarding the status of intercollegiate athletics. Simply put, the money just isn’t there, and they will be cutting five teams: men’s and women’s gymnastics, women’s lacrosse, men’s baseball, and men’s rugby.

163 student athletes will be affected (out of a total of more than 800 student-athletes). Money-wise, this means the university (in an ideal world, of course) will shift from spending over $12 million a year on Cal Athletics down to about $5 million read more »


It’s Welcome Week–freshmen are loaded down with swag and more information about acronyms than anyone would care to have. It’s enough to make you start chucking promotional bags out the window (but don’t, because that’s a dorm violation). And the poor freshies are also getting advice from another source: a letter from public policy professor Michael O’Hare about how elderly Californians scammed our generation.

The letter begins on an up note, mentioning how Berkeley is pretty much number one and that whole gambit. But then it starts getting depressing. According to O’Hare the entire incoming class (and presumably the rest of the generation) “have been the victims of a terrible swindle.” O’Hare believes that read more »


Expect many more headlines like this one in the coming months. We’re guessing that throughout this pivotal moment in UC’s history, online education baton twirler Christopher Edley – the dean of Boalt Hall School of Law – would like you to not think of the following fine institutions: University of Phoenix, traffic school. Well, too late. People are getting nervous.

Having waxed panicky our due, we acknowledge that this seemingly outlandish proposal deserves a fair and cool-headed appraisal (the ball has kinda begun rolling, anyway). For the situation and the pros and cons raised so far, keep reading. read more »

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If you’re thinking you can skip out on this whole budget crisis/economy mess by leaving the country and partying studying in another country, we hate to tell you, but uh … things just got a little more expensive.

Beside the 32 percent university fee hike that will follow you no matter which remote corner of the earth to which you try to flee, the Education Abroad Program (EAP) has decided to hop on the shake-’em-for-every-last-penny bandwagon and tack on a nice little “program-specific fee” in the area of $1,000 – $1,500.

The new EAP fees do not directly affect students participating with Quarter Abroad and Summer Abroad programs since they are campus-based. Well, now that you’re probably not leaving the country, that gives you lots of time to protest the fee hikes here at home. Meh, the euro ain’t worth sh*t anyway.

Image Source: freeform by prudence under Creative Commons
Studying abroad has its price [The California Aggie]


We’re so tired of talking about the budget crisis that we won’t even bother to remind you about it. It sucks, California’s circling the drain, yada yada yada.

So what’s the solution? There’s no button to push every 108 minutes, that’s for sure. Some scholars are going for something a little bit simpler: rewriting the state constitution. This Tuesday, Nov. 17th, at Booth Auditorium in Boalt Hall, there will be read more »

shorts11-235x300The Beavers really slaughtered the Bears in this week’s game against Oregon State, but tailback Jahvid Best almost made it literal with his “serious concussion” he received after landing hard on the back of his head and neck. We wish you the best, Mr. Best. [Daily Cal]

You know what would really help solve this budget crisis: just getting rid of the professors. Don’t get something? Just press the “I don’t understand” button on your chair. [New York Times]

There’s a lot of Shakespeare going on in Berkeley, folks. Check out the BareStage production of “Othello” or The Globe Theatre’s production of “Love’s Labour’s Lost” at Zellerbach. The Clog has seen both and we can vouch that both are excellent. [Cal Performances]

If, for some reason, you have the mid-fall urge to go ice skating, then too bad. Just kidding—you can head over to the Embarcadero rink or the Safeway Rink in Union Square in SF to get your skate on. [7x7]

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Well, we don’t mean to depress you, since the UC budget crisis, general economic malaise and midterm season were probably already doing that pretty effectively. But we thought we’d point you in the direction of this article by Paul Harris, US correspondent for the British newspaper “The Observer”, which argues—a little more convincingly than we’re comfortable with—that California may be well on its way to becoming America’s first failed state. read more »


Hey guys, just in case you didn’t get enough, what with our two liveblogs of the teach-in, and obsessive coverage of the walkout, we have more!

If you weren’t ready to take our word for it, video of the entire teach-in is now available on YouTube.

We also learned that we’re not the only ones writing about the walkout. The United Kingdom-based Guardian even sent a reporter into the “sweltering California heat.” The Associated Press was also on site, apparently.

Image Source: anselm23 under Creative Commons
Save the University: A teach-in on the crisis [YouTube]
University of California campuses erupt into protest [Guardian]
U. of California Cuts Protested at Campus Rallies [NY Times]

yudofOh Mark Yudof. We know the last few months haven’t been the easiest for you. And it can’t be fun to have so many people blaming you for all the university’s problems.

While he may not have made all the best calls, we’re willing to believe that the current budget disaster runs a tad deeper than some misguided  executive pay raises and management decisions.

Which is why we cringed a little bit when we read this interview with him in the New York Times.

read more »

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Signs from the rally on Sproul Plaza.

So between the Daily Cal’s liveblog and our tweets, we figure you’ve got your walkout news pretty well covered. This post is devoted to pictures that we’ll be taking throughout the day.

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