Of everyone in this picture, only 1% of these people have a new tv; Patrick Long (Left)

Of everyone in this picture, only 1 percent of these people have a new TV; Patrick Long (Left)

If you couldn’t tell from the lack of people at KIPS on Friday or the emanating body odor and smoke from the fourth floor of MLK, there was a poker tournament. Phi Beta Lambda, or like every other business club is known as, “Haas Hopefuls” society, threw their semi-annual poker tournament on March 2, attracting the young and old, people of all ethnicities and varying degrees of shadiness.

6:00 p.m – The poker tournament commences. The night begins with casual socializing and awkward exchanges between people who’d rather tear each other’s hand off than shake it. Tables are set, players take their seats, the silence and air is tense and heated – one could already tell it’d be awkward if someone farted. read more »

IMG_0440Yes, Andronico’s is on the pricey side of grocery stores, so it’s never been our favorite place to shop. However, it has a place in our heart. After all, where else do we go for our fancy cheeses and quick grocery runs on Telegraph? The staff is friendly and students get 5 percent off, making Andronico’s a neighborhood standby. Seriously, they’ve been around for 82 years.

So we are sad to announce the closing of the Andronico’s location on Telegraph and Derby. Soon we will have to trek all the way to Northside if we need our Andronico’s fix. read more »

2475149762_be7b1aed72_oOH snap. But really, the headline is a bit sensational. (That’s what they’re for, though, right?) It’s merely referring to the Wall Street Journal’s latest study, which surveyed recruiters from 479 of the world’s largest companies asking which schools they deem to be the “top picks” in terms of turning out graduates who are “best prepared and most able to succeed.”

Out of the top 25 schools (UC Berkeley placed read more »

This guy will be shopping Plaid Friday. Will you?Ever heard of Black Friday? Of course you have. It’s that day right after Thanksgiving where people in middle America get trampled at Wal-Mart trying to get the last Tickle Me Elmo and people un-pass themselves out of tryptophan-induced comatose states before dawn to stand in line for the opportunity to purchase video games. In other words, it’s Hell on Earth.

Fortunately, a few East Bay “indie” (or “independent” for the uninitiated) businesses have come up with a suitable, hipper alternative to that basic stand-by, black. They’ve initiated “Plaid Friday,” which participating merchants hope will raise awareness for local business and boost holiday sales.

As a result, flannel-donning hipsters can roll out of bed and feel like they’re sticking it to our culture’s rampant consumerism while still managing to pick up a hand-made something for the mom and/or dad they’ll never admit they have. Genius! Literally everybody wins. Except the people who don’t own any plaid clothing. But please, how many of those actually exist anymore?

Image Source: TheSundayBest under Creative Commons
Local Shops Hope ‘Plaid Friday’ Will Boost Sales [Daily Cal]

Good Vibrations, the Bay Area’s favorite “sexuality product” shop (NSFW), is having money troubles, and they want some rich customer or five to give them money to buy their fall stock.The only good news about their dire straits is that demand is not diving because people are less interested in sex, or at least sex with condoms, lube or any other toy one might be interested in. Business is slow because other business types caught on that sexessories sell well online. What a relief. Who wants to read that Things That Go Bump in the Night are out of vogue?We don’t.Sex aside, it’s hard for some businesses in the Bay Area to survive so long. Nabolom Bakery in Berkeley’s Elmwood neighborhood has been a cooperatively-owned bakery for thirty years, but the anarchist collective had to beg for money in 2005. And Cody’s Books’ flagship Telegraph Avenue location closed last July amid ascending competition from online bookselling industries.So for Good Vibes’ sake, support your local sex shop. The staff will thank you and so will the person in your bed.Image Source: Michael Seeman, Daily CalPicking Up Good Vibrations [Daily Cal]Competition has shaken Good Vibrations [SF Gate]Nabolom Bakery struggles to survive [Infoshop News]Cody’s Books to close flagship store in Berkeley [SF Gate]