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UCafe, the fairly new coffee/tea/Asian bakery locale located on the corner of Bancroft and Bowditch, is having an unbelievably deal-packed week. They call it: Drink Week!

Here’s the sitch:

All this week until Saturday, they are offering a new “drink of the day,” which is 20% off from 9:30 till 4:30, and then the drink becomes FREE. 4:30 is really when the party starts, as they offer cute pastries to those who hang out inside to claim their free beverages. Check out pictures from Day 1 of the happening — the line was out the door!

But that’s not all! From 9:30 till 2, all espresso drinks and tea lattes are 20% off. And to add to all this greatness, all coffee is fair-trade certified. How can it get any better than this? A smart marketing plan on their parts, if we do say so ourselves.

The scheduled “drinks of the day”:

11/6: Peach Strawberry Smoothie

11/7: Honey Lemon Aloe Green Tea

11/8: Rose Black Tea Latte

11/9: Genmaicha Green Tea Late

11/10: U Cafe Au Lait

Do yourself a favor this midterm season and tea party it up! And don’t forget to like UCafe’s Facebook page to keep up to date on any future deals.

Image source: Theen … under Creative Commons.

Berkeley is famous for coffee spots like Caffe Strada (voted eight-best college town coffee shop by Complex Magazine) and Café Mediterraneum (self-proclaimed creator of the cafe latte), but sometimes finding a free seat – let alone a power outlet for your laptop – in any of the old favorites can prove a challenge. If you’re looking for a change of scene, here are a few new coffee shops we’ve spotted in the past few months: read more »

4543932241_4256231ea9_zThe semester is winding down. The week ahead promises to be filled with procrastination and if you are graduating, reminiscing. You will be going to every restaurant, bar, or café in the Berkeley area in order to get all your Berkeley energies out before you pack up and head home (whether home means into your mother’s open arms, or to your new grad school landscape).

So, as we sign off on Berkeley life, we will be briefly re-living our first experiences at a few of Berkeley’s most unique cafés and bars. Maybe they will inspire you to visit them if you are yet to try them, or simply remind you to go back one last time.

First up is the Elmwood Cafe on College Ave. It is one of our all time favorites, and one not often visited because it is not just right across the street from campus. Enjoy! read more »

stradaFor some of us, finals week means spending so much time in our favorite late-night study cafe that in our delirium we find it difficult to remember where or what home is. In case you’ve burnt yourself out and need a new place to shotgun coffee and eat a diabetes-inducing amount of food, Complex Magazine has a suggestion for you.

They’ve put together a list of the nation’s 50 best college coffee shops and our very own Caffe Strada has claimed number eight. Do you think they deserve it?

Image Source: angeloangelo under Creative Commons
The 50 Best College Coffee Shops In America Complex via Huffington Post

We were ready for one of those nights. A Main Stacks night. There were more books in our bag than hours left in the day. There was a caffeinated drink tucked away neatly, waiting to be smuggled in. Yes, we were prepared to disappear into the library until the final “may I have your attention please” blared from the intercom. Sadly, it was not to be.

Our grand plans for the evening evaporating as we clutched the handles of Moffitt’s locked doors in desperation, we at least had the presence of mind to check the calendar so thoughtfully affixed before us. It was exactly as we feared: the library closed at 5 p.m. today, and will closed all day tomorrow. Ugh. How are we supposed to really enjoy our day off without holing ourselves up in a sterile and intellectually draining subterranean study hell for as many hours as sanity permits? read more »

In Berkeley’s got a detailed write-up of the new openings on Elmwood’s College Avenue. There are currently four vacant spaces in the block between Russell Street and Ashby Avenue, three of which are gearing up for some business. Sometime soon, expect to see:

- Summer Kitchen Bake Shop (in the place next to Your Basic Bird, the pet shop)
- a new cafe somehow possibly linked to the people of Cafe Fanny (in the shuttered Elmwood Pharmacy)
- a clothing store for an Oakland fashion designer (in the other half of the old hardware store)

Maybe, in the near future, Elmwood won’t be known just for its ice cream.

Image Source: pixieclipx under Creative Commons
Recession, what recession? in the Elmwood [In Berkeley]

Let’s not talk about Panda Express because, hey, coffee! Students like coffee, right?

The Store Operations Board for campus is talking with Tully’s Coffee to open (potentially) a kiosk in the student union. You know, because that space is just a major dearth of coffee, what with the GBC and the Coffee Spot a bajillion miles away.

OK, so it’s better than Starbucks and organic, but really? Don’t we also have Yali’s in VLSB and Stanley Hall? FSM ring a bell? That hidden place in Dwinelle Hall? And let’s not forget the student favorites that line the edge of south campus.

It’s about time, you know. Thank goodness someone is coming to fill this void in our lives.

Image Source: Emma Lantos, Daily Cal
Tully’s Coffee May Open Branch in Student Union [Daily Cal]
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