Party at Caffe Mediterraneum! (Let’s hope.) This cafe, located on Telegraph Avenue, is in the process applying for a permit to stay open all night. The Telegraph Business Improvement District likes the prospect of businesses staying open until late, making Telegraph a more lively street in the deep dark of night.

We agree. Think about it; we all get midnight cravings. Cooking is out of the question when we’re halfway through studying a fat textbook. What better way to take a break (or not, for the overachievers among us,) than to grab some food with your friends in between library hopping? How about an excuse to quit bumming around the house at 4 a.m. (because we all know, Berkeley students do not sleep)? Keep your hopes high; it sounds promising!

Image Source: Carli Baker, The Daily Californian
Cafe Owner Aims to Extend Hours [Daily Cal]

Ah. Nothing says snooty intellectual college life like a steaming hot caffeinated beverage, equally pretentious company and some good, old-fashioned studying. So when we embarked on our latest crawl, we thought it would be appropriate to revisit cafes as a theme–only this time, the Clog kept a keener eye on study-ability, and ordered cappuccinos (at the behest of special guest Clogger/Arts blogger/ caffeine fiend, Rajesh Srinivasan), rather than lattes.

We also came up with a somewhat arbitrary–yet ever so apropos–overall rating scale. From worst to best: Steamed Milk, Weak Coffee, Single Shot, Double Shot or Triple Shot. read more »