Now that Thanksgiving is mere days away, the mad rush to pick up all the elements of the feast has officially begun! Sure, people might make a big deal over where they’re getting their turkey and how best to prepare the perfect cranberry sauce, but we at the Clog know that the only thing anyone really cares about is the pumpkin pie.

And so, we took it upon ourselves to scour Berkeley and eat obscene amounts of pie, all for your sake, dear reader. Because now, instead of scratching your head and wondering where to find the pie you’ve been craving, you can simply read this! read more »

stradaFor some of us, finals week means spending so much time in our favorite late-night study cafe that in our delirium we find it difficult to remember where or what home is. In case you’ve burnt yourself out and need a new place to shotgun coffee and eat a diabetes-inducing amount of food, Complex Magazine has a suggestion for you.

They’ve put together a list of the nation’s 50 best college coffee shops and our very own Caffe Strada has claimed number eight. Do you think they deserve it?

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The 50 Best College Coffee Shops In America Complex via Huffington Post


The library, as a study space, sucks. That is, unless you’re one of the some who thrive off of a collective atmosphere of stress, anxiety and dread, enjoy being somewhere so quiet that you can perfectly hear the sh*tty house music emanating from your neighbor’s earbuds, and prefer the smuggling of energy drinks over the freedom to drink coffee while you work. For the rest of us, we go to cafés.

However, we’ve experienced over the years that the wifi situation varies notably from café to café. At best, you’ll experience free, fast wifi that doesn’t make you jump through hoops to access. At worst, you’ll find places where you must inquire for a wifi password, only to connect to a slow or flickering connection that makes you watch a 30-second ad every hour. Not to mention the audacious f*cks that charge a fee.

For your convenience, the Clog has compiled a list of 12 near-to-campus cafés and the wifi sitch for each: read more »

On Friday you can get your caffeine fix for free. Something about an anniversary or something. Oh yes, Caffe Strada will celebrate its 20th anniversary with prizes all this week, culminating in a coffee bonanza on (oh how appropriate) Feb. 20.

Strada expects at least 5,000 cheap bastards/well-wishers, so be prepared to wait in line. Also, we’re not sure if “coffee drinks” means A) just coffee B) coffee variations or C) coffee and espresso variations. Either way, a free cup of joe is still free. We’d love to reap the benefits of being a “loyal” customer.

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Free coffee at Berkeley cafe coming your way [East Bay Outtakes]
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