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Besides that crazy announcement that Cal baseball was being cut and that he would soon be out of a job, this past year has been pretty damn good for baseball coach David Esquer.

Coach Esquer — who was heavily involved in Cal baseball’s reinstatement, led the Bears to their first College World Series victory in 31 years and was named the National Coach of the Year — has now agreed to a five-year contract extension, which we hear is much, much better than having to file for unemployment.

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David Esquer agrees to new contract [espn]


If you’ve been following the Clog lately, you probably already know that Cal sports — whether it’s our teams or our alumni — have been doing quite well as of late. Cal baseball had its amazing College World Series run and Cal Alum Jason Kidd led the Mavericks to an NBA championship.

But wait, there’s more! Recent Cal grad and soccer extraordinaire, Alex Morgan, is currently the youngest player on team U.S.A., which just scored its second victory in the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Germany.

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Go Bears!

We couldn’t help but feel a little teary-eyed after Danny Fry’s closing statement and the unfortunate realization that the ride is actually over — Cal baseball’s Cinderella season has officially ended. As much as we really hoped our team would swing their bats all the way to a championship trophy, we at the Clog understand that this should not be a time for disappointment but for celebration. Cal baseball, against all possible odds, showed true Golden Bear valor throughout a tumultuous season that began with an uncertain future and ended at college baseball’s biggest stage.

In September, Cal baseball became one of five sports cut by the college because of budgeting. These cuts were set to begin during the 2011-2012 school year, meaning that this would have been Cal baseball’s final season. Nine months later, read more »

4448701927_6f9a633927Back in September, the heads of our outstanding institution of higher learning brilliantly decided to demote our varsity rugby team, which has won an astounding 26 national championships BTW, to club status while completely eliminating our baseball team — that same baseball team that isn’t doing too bad these days either, as you might have heard.

As if that isn’t enough to make those folks who cut these successful programs feel a little silly, Cal baseball coach David Esquer was just named National Coach of the Year.

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uci eaters... ha!All they needed was one out so that we could all enjoy a ferocious battle of the UCs in this year’s College World Series!

Had UC Irvine not let a 2-1 lead slip away in the bottom of the ninth inning with one out left, Cal would have begun their magical trip to Omaha facing the “Eaters” — oh, how sad this makes us. Can you imagine how many jokes we could have made about this team’s name alone?

Instead Cal, now the only non-southern university playing in the College World Series — which undoubtedly makes us superior (kidding!… maybe) — will face the top-seeded University of Virginia “Cavaliers” (eh, their team name isn’t as fun) beginning Sunday, June 19 at 11 a.m.

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Really? You can’t? Considering that Cal baseball has been relentlessly scrapping and clawing since long before the start of this year, we at the Clog remain completely unsurprised that they’ve pulled off yet another miracle to keep their season alive.

In an elimination game against Baylor, Cal managed to erase a 7-1 deficit — including four runs in the final inning — to win 9-8 in walk-off fashion and move on to host their first ever NCAA Super Regional. They are now only two wins away from the College World Series.

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We all love to play our little petty rivalry with the Palo Alto school, but when it comes down to it, it’s nice to know that there is more to human beings than just red shirts or blue shirts. For example, two Stanford alums are fundraising to keep the Cal baseball and rugby teams alive.

Yes, you heard right. Former Congressman Pete McCloskey and attorney Joe Cotchett (and yes, both are Stanford grads) are going around collecting checks in hopes of reinstating both teams. “A lot of us think playing ball against Cal was kind of a privilege. We’d like our grandchildren to have that same privilege,” McCloskey said to ABC 7 News.

Well, wow, that just makes us feel all fuzzy inside. The only potential hiccup is that the university says they would have to reinstate women’s teams as well as men’s teams, and for that they’d need around $70 or $80 million. There’s also a ticking clock: McCloskey and Cotchett said the university has until January or they will give the checks back.

OK, then, folks, time to get a-fundraisin’.

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2 Stanford alums fight to keep 2 UC Berkeley sports alive [ABC 7 KGO]

Science can explain many things. Maybe it can explain why the Cal baseball team hasn’t made the NCAA tournament since 2001.

Maybe not. But no matter how bad the team performed the last two years, the Bears hitting and pitching coaches can still explain how to perform well on the diamond.

KQED featured Dan Hubbs, the Cal pitching coach, and Jon Zuber, the Bears hitting coach, on a recent episode of “Out of the Park.”

After Hubbs and Zuber explained the mechanics of baseball to two scientists, the scientists explain the physics behind it all. How about we get those two scientists to coach Cal? Maybe the players will learn a thing or two.

But then again, both Zuber and Hubbs have coached major league talent (i.e. Brandon Morrow of the Seattle Mariners). Hubbs is also responsible for Tyson Ross and his bid on the U.S. National Team.

And while it’s nice to see Zuber and Hubbs lend their talent to educational programming, why not focus more of their knowledge on the team? Maybe they’ll start winning. Winning is fun, and it can be educational too.

Cal Baseball Featured on KQED’s Out of the Park: The Physics of Baseball []

We don’t normally associate baseball with kinkiness, but some of Cal’s players allegedly bucked that trend.

As reported in today’s Daily Cal, campus officials “are investigating eight veteran members of the Cal baseball team for allegedly hazing six freshman”:, whom UC police reported finding at Evans Diamond in January wearing nothing but G-strings and shoes in 34-degree weather, much like what we like to do on a cold winter night. Two were blindfolded, according to the police report.

The six freshman believed they were waiting to do an obstacle course, yet officers did not find one, according to the police report.

UC police cited the suspected hazers, but the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office did not file any charges. Supposedly, the team handled the matter internally, but it’s unclear what that entailed since none of the alleged participants lost any playing time.

Cal’s coaches of course deny any knowledge of this, but did apparently clear the use of the locker room for that night for a “legitimate team-building activity.” According to the police report the Daily Cal reviewed, players questioned by UCPD said pitching Coach Dan Hubbs “knows, but didn’t know” about the annual event.

What we really want to know is the source of the G-strings, and what happened to them after incident.

The whole thing largely seems like no harm, no foul—pardon the pun. A few chilly balls perhaps. We think the team ought to make lemonade from this incident and try playing some games in G-strings to promote attendance.