Cal guards Patrick Christopher and Jerome Randle were arrested early last Sunday morning as suspects of an attempted robbery. Great.

But on Monday, the Alameda County District Attorney decided to not press any charges against the two Bears basketball players.

Now, you ask, why were Christopher and Randle caught allegedly doing such idiotic things? Well, UCPD said that the duo was just trying to have a little fun.

bq. “The players admitted to having fun. They were just scaring people. They weren’t trying to rob anyone,” said Mitch Celaya, assistant chief for the UC Berkeley Police Department. “Pretty stupid.”

According to police, Christopher and Randle pulled their car over to the sidewalk next to two individuals. They pointed a silver cell phone at the two individuals, demanded their money and then drove away, police said.

We never thought that doing something like that would be so fun.

Here’s an idea for the both of them: Instead of allegedly trying to scare people on the streets of Berkeley at 1:30 in the morning for fun, try winning next season. That’s pretty fun, and they didn’t do much of that last year.

Image Source: Nate Tabak, Daily Cal
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