4095665898_1c1806d25c_bFinancial Aid seminars? Not hipster. Enthusiastic people? Not hipster. Science? Not hipster. Dr. Dog? Not … Wait, Hipster!

We were feeling left out. We, the hipsters, are a big part of the Cal community, and yet on the day devoted to Cal and all of its glory, we were beginning to feel a little under-represented. But, the Cal Day concert is our time to show those incoming freshman that Cal is, and always will be, a hipster haven. Adding to the list of indie bands that have played on the steps of the library on this, the greatest of days, Dr. Dog will be presenting their scrappy, country, Philly feel to the people of the glade tomorrow at 4:00 p.m., for free! They will be following in the footsteps of such cutting edge bands as The Cold War Kids and The Dodos.

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2301446492_f24066caaaWe’re super stoked on life, guyz, and we really need to share. As if the prospect of free ice cream on the morrow wasn’t awesome enough, the Clog just discovered that this is apparently Global Outreach Week at Berkeley — which is in fact a great deal more exciting than it sounds.

For starters, tomorrow will not only be a day of charitable cones, but also the ASUC-sponsored food festival “Taste of Berkeley” in Lower Sproul. Although said festival sadly will not be free of charge (we’re assuming), the insatiable foodie within us really could not care less.

Gluttony aside, the week’s about much more than stuffing our faces; today at 5:30 p.m., for instance, read more »

Image Source: Evante Garza-Licudine

Not many people think of museums when they think of Berkeley, and yet there’s such a wide variety both on and near campus that it’d be a shame not to at least consider going to every one you can. In that case, let us present to you a few of our favorite Berkeley museums.

Essig Museum of Entomology—3003 VLSB
Open to the public only twice a year—Darwin Day and Cal Day—this museum may be more research-oriented (OK, a lot more research-oriented) but it still has a surprising amount in it despite the space that makes it difficult for tours. If you’ve ever wanted to see butterflies as big as your face or giant scorpions preserved in jars of fluid, this is your stop. Free to the public. read more »

Fun times!Perhaps the very idea of Cal Day makes you consider curling up into a ball at your apartment and avoiding going out at all costs, and we suppose that’s fair enough. But, if you’re of a more adventurous constitution and you’re not vehemently opposed to maybe appearing like you actually kind of enjoy going to Berkeley or something, you might consider checking out a couple of the billions of events happening on campus.

There are apparently enough of them to warrant an entire database

Reno 911!: Miami film

, searchable by location, time, presenter or subject. Maybe you’ll see something that sounds enticing, even to you jaded, midtermed-out no-longer-freshmen. Cal Day is next Saturday, April 18.

Cal Day 2009- General Program [Website]
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When rows of white canopy tent-things crop up around campus, we kind of break into a cold sweat of dread, because those tents usually accompany irritatingly self-promoting, inconveniently crowd-producing events like Cal Day. So–naturally–when we noticed that the structures were up again today, we were forced to painfully extend the eye-roll of anti-conformist elitism that we usually commit when we pass the blight on our fair campus that is the Campaign for Berkeley mural. read more »

The Chron did an amusing (albeit fluffy) wrap-up of Cal Day, complete with an overheating Oski and a smidgen of Finnish. We, on the other hand, missed out on the marine animals we had heard about. What’s more, the best book we found at the library sale was “How Stella Got Her Groove Back,” though that was to be expected. The Chron obviously had a better time than we did.

And so did Stephen Chen:

Daily Californian editor in chief Stephen Chen, 22, said Cal Day often will sway high school students admitted to several colleges and torn about where to go.

“I tell them there’s so much more diversity and acceptance here,” Chen said. “UCLA might have cleaner buildings, but you can’t really beat Berkeley’s character.”

We think he means this kind of character.

Cal Day brings thousands to Berkeley campus [SF Chron]
Earlier: The Grad’s Guide to Cal Day

caldayAlready matriculated? Sure, Cal Day won’t have as much to offer you as it will to next year’s crop of puny freshmen, but damn if live marine animals and racing robot cars don’t sound the teeniest bit cool.

With that in mind, the Clog has compiled a shortlist of events that are – indeed! – worth the investment of your oft-wandering attention. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and get in touch with your inner child at the Archaeological Research Facility. Or you could make a pot. A lot of the museums on campus will be open to the public too, so maybe dropping a live tarantula down the shirt of a loved one at the Essig Museum sounds right up your alley. The options are endless! read more »

diversity.jpg Cal Day is on Saturday. And so commences a weekend influx of curious admits hoping to see what they’re getting into before they actually send in their Statement of Intent to Register. So, what’s the schedule? We have no idea. The Clog expects the usual–dorm tours, library tours, BBQs, club tabling and the like. Along with that, though, are huge events dedicated to Cal’s everlasting commitment to cultural diversity.

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Oh Berkeley campus, you really do know what turns students on. We could care less about your long, tall trees (or who’s sitting in them.) Your sexily schizoid architecture? Meh. Your scent? A grassy musk at best. Even the great phallic Campanile seems a bit too forward at times. No, what we’re really interested in is your lamppost banners, and nothing says “This is an awesome school and everyone who goes here loves it,” like big signs that say “This is an awesome school and everyone who goes here loves it.” Well, in so many words, of course. read more »