Have you seen people walking around with funky green plastic containers? Well, those are part of Cal Dining’s new Chews to Reuse system. Not only do you get to giggle over the adorable pun (or snort, whichever you prefer) but you get to save money while being told you’re saving the environment — one fabulous, innovative to-go box at a time.

Chews to Reuse

Here’s how it works. You walk into Crossroads, or any other dining hall for that matter. When you tell the cashier you want it to-go so that you can take food back to your room and chow down while watching Glee, she asks if you’d like regular or reusable. What’s this? Shiny new boxes that don’t look at all like the boring cardboard to-go containers you’re used to. Say you want the exciting shiny stuff and you’ll be charged three dollars instead of the usual seventy-five cents. But don’t worry, you’ll get that whopping investment back at the end of the semester. This is the part most students might actually care about, no offense to all avid recyclers.

Pay once for the box in the beginning, and every time you go back for food you simply drop the box off in bins by the cashier and pick up a new one. Then, once you’ve made your last drop off of the semester – most likely in a well-deserved jubilee of exams being over – you get that money back. So instead of wasting more valuable meal points/dollars (since, believe it or not meal points do stand for actual monetary values) and killing landfills with boxes that apparently take ages to decompose into healthy, sustainable gunk, you reuse! You have to clean the thing before giving it back instead of just tossing it in the trash like you used to, but hey, the Earth thanks you.

Next time the dining hall depresses you too much to actually want to eat within its hallowed halls, Chews to Reuse! Grab that pretty green box and bolt as far away as you can.

Image source: Erum Khan, Daily Cal

487491356_1c0a5fe0feIn a conflict so cutthroat, a facedown so fiery, it makes March Madness look like a BOCA burger (psh, that’s for amateurs), Berkeley faces competitors as veteran as our southern neighbors UCLA and as new and unexpected as University of North Texas. This contest goes beyond basketball and deeper than any card game – even the Magic: The Gathering World Championship. This is: A VEGAN-OFF.

Peta2, PETA’s youth division (that’s right, PETA has a youth division), is hosting its annual “Most Vegan-Friendly College Contest” and Berkeley has made the cut. Now read more »


If you see a blue check sticker on the seafood you buy, you are helping fish not go extinct and take humankind down with it.

See the MSC check label? You can eat that fillet guilt-free.

If you have meal points (or a friend who has meal points to mooch off of), you may have noticed that Wednesday was a special day for Cal Dining. All four dining halls — Crossroads, Unit 3, Foothill and Clark Kerr — had a “MSC Seafood Extravaganza” in celebration of Cal Dining’s MSC certification.

What is MSC certification, you may ask? The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is a global, non-profit and independent organization that aims to stop overfishing and promote sustainable fishing practices. The council offers a certification program in which fisheries are assessed by two independent certification bodies who judge according to three “Principles for Sustainable Fishing.” They are: read more »

Fish marketCal Dining doesn’t exactly provide the same glorious experience of Chez Panisse, but they’re not so bad. Cal Dining at UC Berkeley is the first public university dining program in the country to be awarded Marine Stewardship Council certification for its dedication to sustainable seafood.

What is sustainable seafood exactly? Sustainable seafood must be caught while still keeping the fish stocks and their surrounding environment relatively stable. Students will be able to learn about this through labels on the menus, plus there will be posters and ads.

Taking its environmental impact rather seriously, Cal Dining was also the first dining program to earn organic certification. The salad bars at all four dining halls are organic, so as long as you manage to resist the rather high amounts artery-clogging foods (Late Night), you should be able to maintain a relatively healthy diet.

Image Source: quinet under Creative Commons
UC Berkeley achieves sustainable seafood certification [UC Berkeley NewsCenter]


Well, not really. At least it’s not enough of one that anyone seems to really be able to quite pin (get it?) down what happened.

King Pin Donuts and Cal Dining, have called an end to their approximately 15-year relationship, which over the past two years has been on a downward spiral into nothingness. read more »


Freshmen, gather ’round. Let the Clog tell you a story:

Once upon a time (like, uh, last year) in a kingdom called Cal Dining, they had delicious, delicious, artery-clogging chicken strips. It was a golden age for said kingdom, and the morsels of ostensibly real, white-meat chicken were coated in the crispiest of deep fried, lightly spiced outer coating stuff. They were awesome and they made the meal points that campus housing-dwellers were required to purchase worth having. (Warning: This post is perhaps unnecessarily long.) read more »


It seems the campus has launched some sort of weird advertising campaign for the new Foothill Food Court scheduled to open in the fall. read more »


It’s getting to be that time of year again–that time when your basic human needs start competing with each other for your time like 12-year-old girls vying for the chance to touch a Jonas brother’s hand. Things are starting to get ugly.

You could try to catch up on all that reading you never did, but then the ensuing sleep deprivation might cause you to drool all over your blue book the next morning. You could stop studying to eat, but then you’d have to leave the library … or would you? read more »

Starting next semester, Cal Dining will try out an a la carte food service at the Foothill location of Cal Dining’s Agriculture-Industrial Complex. But what about the eons-old tradition of buffet-style dorm food? Doesn’t custom count for anything anymore?

Well, that’s why—so far, at least—the changes will affect only one of the dining commons. So if you still want to stuff your face with read more »

To bring you this important message. Crossroads’ Late Night offerings have been updated.

They now serve grilled cheese, grilled chicken sandwiches, and perhaps most importantly, quesadillas–with or without chicken. You should not, however, let these revolutionary culinary developments distract you from the fact that the online menu is a filthy pack of lies. They do not actually serve organic tossed salad … yet. It also fails to mention that to-go boxes are now 50 cents. We know. Totally ridiculous, right?

So you best get those ideas of making yourself a makeshift crispy chicken Caesar salad out of your head, young’un. It’s time you learned that life is full of disappointment.

Menus- Crossroads Late Night [Cal Dining]

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