Meh.This is a little old, but with the Giants-Phillies series tied at 1-1, it might be, uh, even more relevant (?!) now: Our good ol’ buddy John Yoo thinks that Phillies baseball is more worthy of the label “torture” than Giants baseball. (Former Daily Cal-er) Joe Eskenazi disagrees. [SF Weekly]


Cal football needs to put up some better stats. Stat! Groan. [Extra Points]

A trio of muggings at gunpoint, a trio of things to make you nervous walking home at night. What else is new? [CBS5], via SFist

Earlier: Not-So-Excellent Operation Edition

News! Come and get yer News!Looks like campus jobs may be going under the knife, so to speak.  (OK, too soon.) What we mean is that in keeping with Operational Excellence findings, about 200 positions may be cut. Yech. It may be saving money, but that’s still pretty sucky. [Chronicle]

Speaking of things that operate excellently, the ASUC has a suggestion for the Operational Excellence folks … and it’s actually pretty good. [Daily Cal]

This is happening in a couple hours. If you can, uh, bear to follow Cal football after last weekend’s performance, you should check out the Sports Desk’s liveblog. [Daily Cal]

Um … huh? “Web sensation?” That might be aiming a little high, don’t you think? What with Antoine Dobson running around, and all. [Berkeleyside]

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What a BAMF.

UPDATE: The live chat is up now. Aaaand it’s over.

The Daily Cal’s sports section will be hosting a live chat (as opposed to dead chat, of course) with Cal wide receiver Marvin Jones — not to be confused with the Esteemed and Most Venerable John Marvin Jones, or “Johnny” as we are fond of calling him, who was an OK guy as far as we know from our Wikipedia perusal.

No, this Marvin Jones is known not so much for judging citizens in the courtroom as much as judging the enemy team on the gridiron—harshly, too.

If you’re interested in asking M.J. a few questions, go to the Daily Cal tomorrow around noon-thirty to feed the insatiable beast known as your football fanaticism.

Image Source: Skyler Reid, Daily Cal
LIVE CHAT w/ Cal WR Marvin Jones [Daily Cal Sports on Facebook]
Jones to Chat Live with Fans via Daily Cal Tuesday []


Football season is back, mes amis, and since we just came off a rather magnificent win, the season is looking pretty good so far. The best news of all, however, is that you can get real-time updates on the game without leaving your house. That’s right, the Daily Cal sports wizards will be live blogging the Colorado game this Saturday Sept. 11 starting at 12:30.

According to the Facebook event, there are some questions to be answered. “How will the Bears fare against an actual FBS opponent? Does it even matter that Colorado’s joining the Pac-12? Ready to see what happens in Part II of the Keenan Allen Show?”

We’d like to say that the answers are: “we’ll win,” “no,” and “hell yeah!” but you’ll just have to tune in to the live blog to find out. You can also comment and participate in in-game polls while you’re reading. Just don’t forget the body paint — even if you’re alone in your room, it’s still very important.

Image source: John-Morgan under Creative Commons
Live Blog: Cal Football vs. Colorado [Facebook]


Former offensive lineman Troy Auzenne is a force to be reckoned with. And we’re not talking about his formidable presence on the football field. No, no, this Cal alum has moved past tossing around the ol’ pig skin and has made himself known in the spiciest game of them all: chili sauces.

Auzenne, now working as a Contra Costa County firefighter, has perfected his chili sauce, “Shibui,” and is putting it out on the market. The sauce, which has Japanese flavors and a whole lot of spice, is said to have a multidimensional taste and is great for cooking, snacking and adding a sharp kick to just about anything. Auzenne is pretty confident that his sauce is going to score some serious points at parties, too. He claims that he has yet to come across someone who didn’t like it.

If you want to try some “Shibui” for yourself, head on over to Berkeley Bowl—or any one of the 21 Northern California stores now offering this one-of-a-kind chili sauce. And while you’re there, pick up an extra jar for the Clog—we can take the heat.

Image Source: bollesbiggestfan1 under Creative Commons
New Chili Sauce a Touchdown [Oakland Tribune]


Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

What can we say about yesterday’s game? (Without bursting into hysterical tears, that is.) [DailyCal]

There, there—drown your sorrows in a glass of red wine. Or, hey, how ’bout this handful of blueberries? Wash it all down with some tasty peanuts and you might guarantee yourself a few extra years. Nom nom resveratrol. [UCB Wellness Letter]

Americans agree: Behavioral targeting is creepy. No! Really? There’s nothing dystopian-novel-esque about “following consumers’ actions and then tailoring advertisements for the consumers based on those actions.” Nothing at all. [Media Newswire]

According to wisdom garnered from the UC Berkeley Media Technology Summit, newspapers need to “be part of the disruption.” Good thing we wrote the book on disruption, yo. [Media Bistro]

Image Source: Victoria Chow, Daily Cal [ASIB]
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Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

* The rest of us might be suffering the brunt of budget cuts up the ying-yang, but the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is, thanks to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, still rollin’ in the dough. [Nanotechwire]

* In other victorious news, Cal football owns—in case you hadn’t heard. [Golden Blogs]

* Staying up all night texting leads to sleep deprivation. OMG NO WAY. [MercuryNews]

Image Source: David Herschorn [DailyCal]
Earlier: Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

Although Stanford somehow managed to take home the axe after last year’s Big Game, this year they were hacked into firewood and pulverized into sawdust, so to speak, in a 37-16 victory on Saturday. Their “mascot,” which looked like a bunch of poinsettia-inspired potholders attached to a metal rack with bloodshot eyes and a creepily smiley mouth hanging off it like a Christmas ornament, was basically just a redder and more infuriated version of last year’s just as unsightly counterpart.

read more »

Hurrah for a night of legitimized barbarism and college fun! Berkeley’s finest clappers will be hosting the traditional Big Game Bonfire Rally, and we hear it’s supposed to be hot stuff (hah). We love fires. A lot.

This night is so huge that one online encyclopedia felt the need to define it. It’s also not so huge that Wikipedia felt no need to define it. Jerks.

What: Big Game Bonfire Rally
Where: Greek Theatre
Friday, Nov. 21 at 7:00 p.m., doors open at 6:00 p.m.
Cost: Free, no ticket required read more »

As promised, the Clog is giving you the low-down on a preview of the kick-off for massive fund raising effort for Cal football.

Cal dreams of expanding the school’s $50 million sports endowment to a whopping $1 billion in the next 30 years. Criminy. Before you start creating your “1,000,000 strong for keeping UC fees down” Facebook groups, worry not–Cal plans to hit up the wealthiest among us as their first step to big, fat checks. And what faster way towards $1 billion than a little piece of property in the Cal stadium? We’re talking individual seats for up to $225,000 each. As usual, these monied football fans’ first-class section includes complimentary food, parking (a privelege for which most Berkeleyans would give up their first-born) and lounge access. read more »

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