jane lynchIf there’s one redeeming feature about the show “Glee,” it would be Jane Lynch’s character Sue Sylvester, and her fantastic one-liners. Lynch makes a show filled with trite high school quips and dry dialogue almost bearable, and any episode without Sylvester’s japes and jeers feels even more cliche than it usually does.

So why is the Clog suddenly bringing her up? Well it just so happens that this Emmy and Golden Globe winner will be visiting Cal tomorrow.

Lynch will be at the Pauley Ballroom from 2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. tomorrow to talk about her work on the show, and her new book, “Happy Accidents.” We’ve even heard whisperings that read more »

InstrumentsIf you feel burnt out over the weekend during your effort to catch up on ten readings that mysteriously never got finished over the school week or become mired in a deepening spiral of procrastination where even checking Facebook for the 20th time loses its splendor, consider giving yourself a break by visiting Cal Performances’ annual Fall Free for All on the UC campus this Sunday, Sept. 25.

Starting from 11 a.m., there will be over 25 performances, ranging from music and dance to theater, throughout the day at various locations across campus. As the name “Free for All” suggests, all performances are free and require no tickets. Events include a performance by the Berkeley Symphony Wind Ensemble at Zellerbach Hall  at 5 p.m. and a presentation by Jane Lynch of the television show, “Glee,” regarding  her new book, “Happy Accidents,” at Pauley Ballroom at 2:30 p.m. read more »

814361067_5d4d885552Sometimes we forget about Zellerbach Hall and all of the fabulous events to which it is host. Granted, part of the reason might be that we frequently can’t afford Cal Performances tickets; but on the off-chance that you have thirty-ish bucks to spend (that’s like five burritos!), you should check out the Royal Danish Ballet so we can vicariously experience the awesome.

As the third-oldest ballet company in the world, the Royal Danish Ballet blends preservation of the past with appreciation of the present, and this Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. will showcase a program heavily dictated by the latter. Whereas performances earlier in the week featured works by the renowned August Bournonville, whose ballets the troupe has been dancing since he served as its choreographer in the 19th century, the last two evenings are featuring modern Nordic choreography and music by Metallica and Apocalyptica … which basically sounds like the coolest thing ever.

Tickets range (steel yourselves) from $38 to $100 — although there is a 50 percent discount for students — and can be purchased at the Zellerbach office, over the phone, online or at the door. Let us know if you go. We’ll be jealous indeed.

Image Source: DDohler under Creative Commons
Royal Danish Ballet [Events Calendar]
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This violinist is having an AWESOME TIME. Hey, you like free stuff, right? Come on, now. We know that was you we saw ravaging Caltopia like the freebie-hunting beast that you are. You little schwag-mongering mongrel, you. Growl.

What?! We’re not hitting on you, we’re just trying to tell you about Cal Performances’ Fall Free for All! Sheesh. Anyway, it sounds pretty cool. It’s not just free stuff. It’s free culture stuff. It’s free performances on four stages around campus from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday, September 26.

The event is apparently a “preview of the artistic residencies and collaborations that you will find here throughout the year.” So, basically, they’re all really legit acts that most of the time you would have to pay a lot of money to see, like San Francisco Opera Adler Fellows and the Mark Morris Dance Group. Plus, if the day is anything like the image they’re using to promote it (see right) it’s gotta be ballin’. Just check out the schedule and see if anything strikes your fancy. Then, uh, give us a call. Wink! (Kidding … )

Fall Free for All [CalPerfs], via Berkeleyside


Writing from a very sleepy winter-broke Berkeley about the signs of our beloved UC’s impending demise is so, so lame. We relish the opportunity to talk about awesome Cal stuff getting a little bank. Yes! Cal Performances! Read on for the good details: read more »


Bring out your country roots and monotone voice, because Garrison Keillor is coming to town! The Minnesota native and “Prairie Home Companion” radio star is hitting up Zellerbach Hall this Wednesday, Oct. 28th at 8 p.m.

It’s not surprising that an intellectual humorist like Keillor would end up at Berkeley. But this event could also have another, intriguing purpose. As you undoubtedly have already heard, Keillor is now something of a motivational speaker for football teams. read more »