Cal’s 50-31 victory over Southern Utah this weekend didn’t just signify our first win, it also delivered us discounts all over the city of Berkeley, thanks to Touchdown Mondays! The celebration calls for 3% off for every touchdown Cal scores against their opponent — totaling 21% for this Monday.

But, while you might be familiar with Touchdown Mondays affiliation with the Cal Student Store, you may not know about the plethora of restaurants around the city that also take part in the awesome discounting. So because your wallets are surely already thinning from beer and Top Dog on game day, here’s a list all participants for your future Monday penny pinching — assuming that Cal keeps the touchdowns coming.

Southside: 6974720323_42fa33b22d_b


*Manhattan Roast & Grill


*Ann’s Kitchen

*Cal Student Store


*Bear’s Lair Pub/Wing Fiesta


*LaVal’s Pizza

*Stuffed Inn

Image source: Sean Davis and wallyg under Creative Commons

Tell 'em, girl!

Are you ready to ruuumble, Cal Bears?! Why, you ask? Can’t you just feel it in the unseasonably sweltering air? It’s football time! This Saturday, September 4 is our first home game against UC Davis. Kick-off is at 1 p.m.

Yes, we’re going to make the “Who even knew Davis had a football team? What, is it made up of cows?” joke. And you’re going to like it. Maybe. Apparently, this will be the first time Cal and Davis have met “upon the gridiron,” as they say, since 1939. So we’re guessing somebody forgot about the Aggies … until now.

“But are they actually any good?” read more »


Adbots rejoice! For now you have more reason to spend time—and therefore money—at the Cal student store. Behold, The Scholar’s Workstation grand opening!

What is The Scholar’s Workstation, anyway? Who cares! With an event schedule like this, it’s hard to say no:

8:30 a.m.: Store opening
11:30 a.m.: Entertainment begins (oh my god oh my god oh my god!)
12:15 a.m.: Ribbon cutting ceremony
1:00 p.m.: Guitar Hero contest

And if that wasn’t enough to lift your noodle, there will be prize drawings, and guest speakers

The Code Conspiracy hd

… not to mention a caricature artist. Wooh!

What: The Scholar’s Workstation Grand Opening
When: Monday, Jan. 26, 8:30 a.m.
Where: The Cal Student Store

Image Source: Victoria Chow, Daily Cal, modified heavily by Evante Garza-Licudine