5640108420_b9a4d89915Calling all expert namers (this means you, Adam and Eve)! As you may or may not know, the CalMail system proved to be a huge failure last semester, leaving the entire Berkeley community scrambling for a solution. Luckily, the almighty and all-powerful Google has stepped in to take the reigns, and now an entirely new and improved mail (and calendar) system looms on the horizon.

Who cares if it works though, the IT Productivity Suite Team is more concerned about having a really clever and inventive name to compete with the respective (and witty) UC Davis and UC Santa Cruz “AggieMail” and “Slugmail” systems. And so, the team has enlisted the help of the creative minds at UC Berkeley with a friendly naming competition. Think you have what it takes? read more »

Don't get caught snoozing!

As you know, the Clog is nothing if not here for you, the conscientious, responsible (though somewhat absent-minded) Berkeley student. Thus, we have decided that it would be in everybody’s best interest (all right, all right — including our own) if we posted some key dates to remember for the fast-approaching semester.

Is this post actually just an aggregation of the upcoming bits from a couple different academic calendars? Perhaps.Will you thank us if you almost forgot something important, but didn’t as a direct result of this admittedly borderline pointless post? Um, hellz yeah! Git ready for fall oh-ten, guys! read more »

Here are upcoming important dates. Mark your calenders, lest you face the following dire consequences.

Change Grade Option to Pass/Not Pass – Friday, Oct. 31: You get “D’s” in all your classes, drop out of UC Berkeley, become embarrassed to tell your parents so you set up camp in People’s Park, contract gum disease and eventually die. Moral: Save yourself a “D” grade and brush your teeth.

Daylight Savings Time Ends – Sunday, Nov. 2: You show up to the wrong class Monday morning, find yourself taking a midterm in Chinese, get up to turn in a blank midterm, trip over a backpack, land on your upright-facing pen, stab yourself in the eye and eventually die. Moral: “Fall back.”  This applies to both your clock and your face-planting direction.

Election Day – Tuesday, Nov. 4: The wrong president takes office and you find yourself drafted for the military, deported to your mother country or shot off into outer space depending on your ethnic background and eventually die. Moral: Just vote.

Academic and Administrative Holiday – Tuesday, Nov. 11: OK, you really weren’t going to class anyway. Go have fun. Moral: Don’t steal your dad’s 1961 Ferrari 250 GT.

Image Source: *SMILING PUG* under Creative Commons

After some intensive laboring (read: trolling Facebook), we have put together a calendar of student events taking place around campus.

So far the calendar is only updated for October, but we will continuously add events to flesh out the calendar. Soon (as in tomorrow) you’ll see a permanent link on the left column to the Clog Calendar.

For now, though, you can bookmark the link, or you can add the calendar to your iGoogle page or your own Google Calendar—just search for “UC Berkeley Student Events.” If you want to contribute to the calendar, just hit us up at [email protected] with your student event.


Clog Calendar [Daily Clog]