First off, it’s Election Day, so FOR GOD’S SAKE GO VOTE IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY! Phew. Glad we got that off our chests. What we really want to talk about is this: the UC libraries just digitized their 3 millionth book.

Quite a milestone for both the green and bibliophile movements (both of which are in full swing in Berkeley, as you can imagine). And the coolest bit is that they asked librarians from each UC to pick a favorite book that was recently digitized.

Berkeley got first billing (surprise!) and our librarian, Tom Leonard, picked a book of French fairy tales with illustrations that are tres magnifique. Other selections included books about wine making, millionaires of the 1890s, Italian comedies, oceanography and famous explorers.

So hey, next time you’re bored, don’t look at AnonCon or YouTube: check out a digitized book instead. You might even learn something.

Image source: Xelcise under Creative Commons
UC University librarians’ favorite digitized books [UC California Digital Library]