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In case you missed ‘em, the Best of Berkeley results are online. Now, BoB is always a bit problematic because the Daily Cal puts the decision in the hands of–how do we say–misguided voters with a stomach for cost over taste. Alas, even our plans to correct this did not work. Apparently some large group of people still think Gypsy’s is good Italian food. We will not abide.

In other news, Bobby G’s Pizzeria had an interesting win streak, picking up Best Service, Best Bang for Your Buck, Best Overall Restaurant and Best Happy Hour. Hmm. Bobby G’s must have a dedicated group of … fans. Odd, though, that such a winner pizzeria couldn’t even nab Best Pizza.

On the blog front, California Golden Blogs won Best Blog, squeezing us out from our win last year (shucks). Congrats, guys! Oh, and Beetle is jealous or something.

Best of Berkeley 2009 [Website

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Do we see a light at the end of the tunnel … already? Could it be? Yes, yes it is. At least according to the dears at California Golden Blogs–writer oaktownmario, to be exact. On Friday, the university filed a response to the ruling, which he read in its entirety. He also determined that it “kicks ass.”

The Clog read through his summary, which could still be a little dense for the average reader who doesn’t really care all that much about the tree-sit. Nevertheless, it sounds like good stuff. The university basically modified their athletic center blueprints and could possibly start building fairly soon. This line of the filing in particular seems to emanate the sound of trumpets and choirs of golden angels: “This Court has now ruled that neither CEQA nor any other law prohibits the University from removing trees to make room for the [Student Athlete High Performance Center].”

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