Coming to and from the Main Stacks the past few days, you may have noticed a group of students camped out in front of California Hall and an accompanying police force of at least a dozen.

As much as we support the right for students to fight for what they believe in, finals seems like the worst time for a hunger strike. Oreos and Cheetos are the only thing keeping us sane after not seeing sunlight for over eight hours.

The group, dubbed the “Hungry for Justice Coalition,” had a rally Monday at 3:30 p.m. in front of California Hall, after police tried to end the strike, resulting in the seizure of protesters’ sleeping bags and tarps. We attended the rally and heard that apparently the group not only won’t eat, but has recently given up water too, claiming they have only 48 hours to live. read more »

A group of people outside of California Hall are protesting that Arizona bill you may have heard about recently. Apparently, they’re willing to stay for up to a week or until the chancellor/other bigshots give them what they want. Which isn’t just about SB 1070:

The strikers also demanded that campus administrators drop all student conduct charges against activists, implement a “democratic student-led” process for examining the code of student conduct, accept responsibility for clashes between demonstrators and police during the Nov. 20 Wheeler Hall occupation, end layoffs of low-wage employees and rehire already laid-off union workers.

Further updates are likely to come as they develop.

Protesters Stage Hunger Strike Outside California Hall [Daily Cal]
Image Source: doobledubz under Creative Commons