an earthquake definitely would have sucked.Surely y’all remember the tree-sitters (with celebs like Tristan Anderson, the memory isn’t likely to fade that fast)—but maybe some of you have forgotten what all the hullabaloo was about in the first place.

Well, it all began once upon a time with the construction of a sports training center neighboring Memorial Stadium. That structure, for all the insanity its saga wrought, is currently on schedule for completion next summer.

However! Tomorrow could serve up a monkey wrench in the form of the California Oak Foundation, the final contender of three organizations (also including the Panoramic Hills Association and the City of Berkeley itself) that originally opposed the project. A hearing in the San Francisco Court of Appeal will allow the group to conclusively make their case.

Considering all the trees are tragically dead and gone, we were, at first, a bit perplexed as to what exactly was motivating the Foundation to appeal the 2008 ruling that allowed construction to carry on. Apparently, they’re concerned that “the project wasn’t adequately studied under state earthquake zoning and environmental laws,” and all our lives might be in grave danger.

On the whole, it’s very considerate of them.

Image Source: ingridtaylar under Creative Commons
SF Court To Hear Challenge To UC Berkeley Sports Center Wednesday [SF Appeal]

The injunction against construction at the oak grove is extended as the Panoramic Hill Association and the California Oak Foundation form their cases for an appeal. They need to prove fault in Judge Barbara J. Miller’s ruling and reason for another injunction. [Daily Cal]

But the city of Berkeley is the third party in the case against the university, and we’re not so sure where they stand. To appeal or not to appeal; that is the question. [Daily Cal]

Another source, though, says with conviction that Berkeley will not appeal. Perhaps the initial court fees are already enough, or perhaps it’s just time to suck it up and lick some wounds. [SF Chron]

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