It was just a routine Monday morning in the waiting room of the Tang Center’s Clinic 3. Students were patiently awaiting their appointments and magazine subscriptions were strewn about the corner tables. One item stood out from the pile of paper: a mid-sized black journal titled “The Berkeley Journal Project.”

Can't believe I found one of these!

We remember hearing about the project at the beginning of the school year, that they would be distributing a bunch of journals to interested Berkeley students and faculty to do what they will in them, be it write, draw, or whatever their creative mind could think of. And then they pass it on in whichever avenue they think is best. Being that we were lucky enough to discover one of these coveted journals, our curiosity in this project’s elusive background piqued. We had the lovely opportunity to interview project coordinator Joe Watz about the origins of the Project:

The Clog: Where did the idea for the project come from? read more »

get your picture, folksEver notice how it’s impossible to walk through campus without running into two or three — or 50 — of those giant photos of Cal students paired with their words of gratitude for this great institution (it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, don’t you know)?

That’s because a plethora of Berkeleians are just tickled by the opportunity to put their school spirit on display, and you could be among them, if you act now!

Sure, you missed out on getting your photo taken at Caltopia or at New Student Convocation, but fear not, aspiring models of the Berkeley world: There’s still time to participate in the “Thanks to Berkeley … ” PhotoBooth project! Simply stroll through Dwinelle Plaza on Tuesday (Aug. 23) between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. and offer up your face (and maybe a sentence or two) to this noble cause. Tomorrow is your last chance to get in on this excitement — well, until the next time the PhotoBooth makes one of its appearances — so smile pretty for the camera and ask yourself why you’re grateful.

Image Source: hopeleslie under Creative Commons
Thanks to Berkeley … [The Campaign for Berkeley]

shorts11-235x30011In Iran, there are some serious jerks in high places and some of those jerks just decided to sentence the two UC Berkeley alum hikers to eight years in prison. Not chill! [Daily Cal]

But now on to the real news. And no, we’re not talking about the EPIC Apple Store opening either. So what’s bigger than those stories, you ask? How about a cat on a leash spotted in Berkeley! OMG! [Berkeley Patch]

But wait, there’s more incredible news! Caltopia was expected to bring people in by the thousands! Double OMG! And did you know that it is “one of the nation’s largest experiential college lifestyle festivals?” Go Bears! [NBC Bay Area]

Bummed about the beginning of the fall semester? Well wait till you leave campus before you drown your sorrows in an open container of alcohol. The police are on the look out for underage drinking, open containers and other alcohol-related offenses. [Mercury News]

Or better yet, head on over to the Bear’s Lair since it’s reopening under new management. And yes, “Beat the Clock” will continue. [Daily Cal]

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You may even see this guy!

That’s what we’re officially dubbing Caltopia and Calapaloolala—Calapalapooza—Calapalooza, which are UC Berkeley’s student life fair and club fair, respectively.

If you’re a fan of free stuff, get down to the RSF quick-like as Caltopia starts Sunday at 10 a.m. and goes until 4 p.m. Same on Monday.

Notable performers: Shay Black of Barack O’Bama fame (seriously though, we think NPR did a piece on that song or something), scheduled to appear from 2 to 4 p.m on Sunday. There’re also two other musical acts showing up, Dani Paige Band (noon to 2 p.m. on Monday) and Grimey Blue (noon to 2 p.m. on Sunday).

Then Calapalooza starts on Thursday, Aug. 27 on Sproul Plaza (both plazas, in fact) and goes from 5:30 to 9 p.m. Notable performers: Cal Wushu, of strangely high-quality video-making fame (both in humor and production) among others, of course.

Image Source: david y park under Creative Commons
Caltopia [Site]
Calapalooza [Site]