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Can more invasive social contact by others indicate shrinking boundaries around privacy?

Can more invasive social contact by others indicate shrinking boundaries around our privacy?

It’s nearly 10 p.m., and you’re at home, brushing your teeth. Your iPhone starts screaming. You snap to attention, no thanks to that inherent anxiety that accompanies living as a young single woman in an urban environment. You grudgingly answer the phone, hoping to be greeted by an automated pharmacy reminder’s monotone, and not a friend needing a ride at this time of night. Instead, it’s some dude asking if you’ve heard about Prop Something for the third time and if you have a few minutes to talk. You grit your teeth and try muster up some manners.

Sound like last night? Join the club.
As you all know elections are today, November 6th. While we’re excited to be casting our ballots, we believe we can speak for nearly all in lamenting over the amount of recent “encouragement” we’ve received to cast those votes. Just this week alone, we’ve received half a dozen calls from local campaigns encouraging either a vote for a particular candidate, or a yea or nay on a particular measure (We’re looking at you, “Yes on Prop 32″-ers.) It’s a given that building support through direct contact methods like telephone calls is far from new, but we’d like to make a case for some boundaries around the use of those methods. Call us old-fashioned, but we fondly regard that old (and apparently outdated) custom of refraining from calling a lady after dark.

As ASUC hopefuls get into the full swing of their campaigns, we’ve come to expect at least one thing for certain: Self-promotional videos. Lots of ‘em. Some will be funny (we’re looking at you, SQUELCH!–don’t disappoint), some will be awkward and some will be pretty douchey. But all of them will be–well–enlightening.

In that vein:

Berkeley’s favorite anthropomorphic bear goes straight for the jugular with his campaign video, in which he takes a distinct “Think of the children!” angle. Don’t you want your little brothers and sisters to have a fair shot at an education? Then vote CalSERVE, you heartless bastards!

Alright, alright, we kid. (Mostly.) But while we’re here, read more »


 We caught glimpse of a handful of new posters around the west side of Memorial Stadium today. We hadn’t noticed them before, though it’s likely they’ve been standing tall and proud for a while.These posters stand exactly in front of–what else?–the oak grove. Each shows a different sport, but the bottom line’s the same.”Building passion,” this poster says. “The student-athlete high performance center” is, evidently, “coming soon to Cal.” We assume this means the center will feature a hippies-in-oak-trees atrium. To the right, the PR machine strings together UC Berkeley into “Buildings Champions.” For more information, the poster directs its public to stadiumcampaign.berkeley.edu.Yes, Treewoks, a successful football team may not stop global warming, but neither does sitting around in trees all day. We’re just saying. Plus, the site’s got a (ginormous) tree-friendly PDF that apparently separates fact from fiction. What’s your array of colored chalk going to do about that?Image Source: Christine BordenHome Page [Campaign for Student-Athletes]