312645_1747180938153_153128412_n (1)1. Figure out an answer to “how was your break?” Admitting that you spent your entire break rewatching “Breaking Bad” and sleeping is a lot better than no answer.

2. Make yourself food. Because soon enough you will not have the time or energy to do so. Bonus: Invite some friends over you haven’t seen in a while to join you!

3.  Visit the Campanile, or go on a hike. Remind yourself that Berkeley is really beautiful.

4. Get a flier from someone on Sproul Plaza. Just do it.

5. Buy your textbooks, but do not open them — on the off-chance that you have to drop the course, you won’t be able to return them if they’re opened. Only allow yourself a few moments to cry over the price.

6. Create a list of all the awesome things you want to accomplish this semester. Make them wild and almost impossible, and know you probably won’t finish all of them.

7. Create a playlist to get you pumped to be back at school and for all your across campus commutes. Oh wait, we already did that one for you! (Clog’s 13 songs for 2013 playlist!)

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As we sit helplessly on our last day of freedom, dreading the inevitable tolling of the early-

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morning Campanile that will signal the start of the new semester, most of us can’t help but to anticipate what our new classes will be like. Will they be difficult or could the professor be a pushover? Could there be something about that 8 a.m. Physics lecture that you actually like? And the overarching question of them all — could they possibly be fun? Well in case the professor doesn’t have plans for that, we at the Clog have put together a game that might make your first few school days a little brighter.

We would make it a real drinking game, but it’d be a bit unwise to take shots in class — not to mention in the wee hours of the morning. So for the time being just use the bingo card we’ve conveniently provided for you and remember to take your card when you go out to that party tonight, one shot for each mark. The letters denote each type of student, so mark that space when you see someone who qualifies!

Type #1: The Distracted Ones (D)

These are your typical Facebook or Youtube users. Since they’re fairly common — most of us are probably guilty of checking at least once per class if we have our laptops out — we’re not going to give them that many spots on the card. They will do almost anything to escape the incessant drone of the professor’s voice.

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Jeff Davis and the Carillon

Jeff Davis and the Carillon

It’s 11:30 a.m. on a Monday, and Jeff Davis is getting ready to play his second concert of the day to his audience nearly 300 feet below him.

Jeff is Cal’s University Carillonist and is responsible for most of the compositions heard from the Campanile. For those who do not know, a carillonist plays a carillon, which is a keyboard-like instrument attached to a variety of bells to create music.

We sat down with Jeff in his Sather Tower office to get the inside scoop on the man who makes life at Cal just a little bit more in tune. read more »

Click meh! Oh-ho! What have we here? A holiday challenge, you say? Indeed– indeed we do. We’re not sure who the genius/artiste/giant nerd behind What Did You Do to My Shoes is, but, by golly, we think he’s got something that will tickle even the most spatially retarded Berkeley-based intellect.

At right, friends, is a robot comprised of 12 campus structures, who’s ready to gore you with the Campanile. For reals. It will. Because it exists.

Anyhoodle, we gave away one building as a head start (we know it would’ve been a real toughie), but can you catch ‘em all? When you’re ready to click triumphantly, here are the “answers.

P.S. The guy’s looking for a pun-tastic name for his robo-tastic creation. Got any good ones? We’d offer Oskimus Prime, but we fully recognize how absolutely terrible it is.

Image Source: What Did You Do to My Shoes, Crop by Berkeleyside

campanileThe question that has burned its way to the forefront of our minds over the past two months, “when am I going to be able to ride the Campanile again?” finally meets an answer. The awful headgear, originally planned to come down late August, will indeed come off this Sunday. However, you should get your ride on quick like, because construction will soon resume and last through October. Apparently, our beloved phallus was more f*cked up than maintenance managers originally thought.

Workers found that many stones were cracked, weathered, and sugaring. Also, the lantern could not be repaired on site. The scaffolding will reappear at an undisclosed date and stay until mid-October, minus Homecoming weekend, when cranes will retreat so proud alumni can revel in nostalgia beneath the spire, unobstructed. Until then, our brief window of opportunity will last from 10 a.m. through 1:30 p.m. and 3 p.m through 4:45 p.m. on Sundays, 11 a.m. through 3:45 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m through 4:45 p.m. on Saturdays.

Image Source: John-Morgan under Creative Commons.
Campanile set to reopen, then close again for more repairs this fall [News Center]

shorts11Sather Gate was officially unveiled again, or something. We saw a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Saturday involving lots of senior citizens and lots of expensive-looking cheese and wine. Apparently we weren’t old enough for a free sample.

In other campus face lift news: You probably spied the spire reconstruction atop our favorite bell tower, or perhaps you were just annoyed because you couldn’t use the Campanile Plaza pathway anymore. At some point we feel that endless reconstruction and $800 million budget cut should become mutually exclusive. [NewsCenter]

Look out for new bike racks around Hearst Women’s Gym, the Bancroft Parking Structure, Giannini Hall, Wellman Hall, and Mulford Hall. Translation: more bikes to steal. [NewsCenter]

So it’s week five of Session A, which in semester terms, means that you’re just getting out of procrastination mode and starting to crack open the first novel you’re supposed to read, but in summer sessions terms it means finals are in a week. And word to the wise: Library hours kinda suck. [Library Website]

Previously: The “Pennies From Heaven” Edition

Today marks the first day of a full week of campus activities and events for The Campaign for Berkeley. The schedule will be jam-packed with concerts, a music festival, a poetry reading, quiz bowl, tours and open houses all throughout campus. UC Regents and program planners are targeting an audience of all ages, shapes, colors, cultures, denominations, education levels and, oh yeah, donor capacities. So tell your rich Uncle Sal to meet us for Story Hour at Morrison Library. Afterwards he can live it up – all the way up – with free rides to the top of the campanile. See here for a full list of events that will take place on campus.

Image Source: Crystl under Creative Commons
The Campaign for Berkeley [Web site]

Campanile!Last night at midnight, the California Golden Overtones and the UC Men’s Octet performed for a rapt (and tipsy?) audience in the shadow of none other than la Campanile at an apparently annual event, Rock the Clock.

Part mini-pep rally, part frat party, part a Capella concert, and part ritualistic sacrifice (just kidding, but someone did bring their dog) each group started with a Cal spirit song, while the audience sang along and raised their (proverbial) glasses to our esteemed institution. Then the two groups alternated performing their favorite songs, along with the requisite, um, we’ll call them “interpretive dances.” read more »