You just got mail from the Chancellor. Yeah, good ol’ Birgy (we’re old friends, so the Clog can call him that) just emailed the student body about a new web-based system to report incidents of bias on UC campuses.

This is, of course, not the only option. You are still free to report bias the old-fashioned way, by going into a campus office and presumably talking to Human Resources. However this new service enables you to file a report online, either via the local bias report or by filing a report directly on the new website. Simply click on the campus in question and file your report. It remains anonymous unless you attach your name directly to it.

After filing a report, you check back in two weeks to see how the campus official has responded. This is also done online –there’s a section on the website for your report key and password.

Bias in this case ranges from hate speech and crimes to bullying and intimidation to hostile campus climates. Ideally, this will stop any swastika-related incidents from happening again.

Image source: Bombardier under Creative Commons
University of California Campus Climate [Site]