Just two of the many gleeful Berkeley professors

Just two of the many gleeful Berkeley professors

Do you ever get the feeling that your professors are incredibly excited to come to class every day? You know, that moment in a chem demo when a manly master of molecules lets out a girlish giggle after a methane explosion? Or in a philosophy discussion, as the instructor laughs maniacally watching the class struggle to prove the existence of the universe? Our professors seem so motivated. In fact, according to this Glassdoor poll of American professors in leading universities, Berkeley ranks within the top 10, with an average rating of 4.0 (very satisfied) of universities to work for. Wonder why? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you.

The campus


The true masters of Berkeley

Ah, yes, the trees. The way they sway in the bay breeze. Our beautiful campus emanates contentment. In addition to the abundant natural wildlife of squirrels, squirrels and squirrels, the majestic architecture gives the professors a sense of accomplishment. They feel proud to work at a site of grandeur, and their satisfaction reflects it. It almost makes all the construction worth it.

A social conscience

Our researchers are at a university with both a big enough pocketbook to support world class scientific research and the careful attitude that makes sure we spend the money in a way that provides the most benefit to everyone. Berkeley is the best academically, but it also looks at environmental and social consequences of its actions. This makes professors feel like people living among people — not robots forced to produce results, no matter the cost. Like at Stanford.

The students

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Fiat lux, indeed

Imagine a school where professors are forced to educate giant turds. It is a sad picture, but for the professors at Stanford, that is what life entails. The professors at Berkeley are happy because their students are not giant turds but rather bright and enthusiastic young men and women who want to make the world a better place. For the most part, we Cal students do not go through the motions because we see it as a way to get a job —many of us are genuinely interested in our majors, and our enthusiasm shows it. No wonder our professors love us!

Image source: Global X, BinaryApe under Creative Commons and Kamin Kahrizi, The Daily Californian

Do you dig democracy and can’t wait to make your voice heard in the November election? Or maybe you are simply entertained by politics?  Whatever your views may be, this election year is one of the most important yet, and what better way to fuel the electoral excitement that to watch the two presidential candidates duke it out in the presence of your peers?!

The ASUC Vote Coalition and the Robert C. Matsui Center for Politics and Public Service are hosting a viewing party for the first presidential debate of this election season, which is  being held at The University of Colorado, Denver and hosted by Jim Lehrer of NewsHour.


When: October 3, 2012

Time: 6 p.m.

Where: 111 Moses Hall on campus

The event is the first of many designed to bring politically active and interested youth together to view and discuss the presidential debates that are taking place within the next few weeks. Come join a multitude of student groups partisan and non-partisan to the event of the election!

Can’t make it to the event? You can still watch (or Tivo) the debates! Catch the livestream here or on such channels as C-SPAN, ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC, as well as all cable news channels including CNN, Fox News and MSNBC among others.


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2942333106_45dda28d61Some good news for the chronic losers among us: The UC Police Department has recently refurbished their lost and found website, making it “much more user-friendly.”

Items that are returned to the campus lost and found in the basement of Sproul Hall are listed in the online database, where they can be sorted by description, item type, and date found. You can also report lost items using the web service. “I will do almost anything to get (your) stuff back,” says Gabrielle Voit, the current lost and found supervisor.

Unless that stuff happens to require “an adult party store and some lung power” to replace, in which case the campus police would refuse to return it. A … party-themed air mattress? A beach ball? An … Oh. Oh dear.

So leave that stuff at home, kids (more accurately: sad, creepy adults). Or at least in some place where you won’t forget it.

Image Source: stuartpilbrow under Creative Commons
Lose your stuff? Don’t lose your head, just click here. [UC Berkeley NewsCenter]

Today marks the first day of a full week of campus activities and events for The Campaign for Berkeley. The schedule will be jam-packed with concerts, a music festival, a poetry reading, quiz bowl, tours and open houses all throughout campus. UC Regents and program planners are targeting an audience of all ages, shapes, colors, cultures, denominations, education levels and, oh yeah, donor capacities. So tell your rich Uncle Sal to meet us for Story Hour at Morrison Library. Afterwards he can live it up – all the way up – with free rides to the top of the campanile. See here for a full list of events that will take place on campus.

Image Source: Crystl under Creative Commons
The Campaign for Berkeley [Web site]

symmetry.jpgThank God, Allah and Tom Cruise – it’s Thursday, folks! Now that midterms have finished kicking in our teeth, the Clog would like to take a moment to briefly acknowledge the opening of a new library on campus. In other words, we took an exciting trip to the C.V. Starr East Asian Library so that you don’t have to.

The $46 million library is the only one in the country built explicitly for housing East Asian collections and artifacts. And the weird fracture pattern you see on the Memorial Glade-facing side of the building? read more »


 There were many “rumors flying around the air tonight” (regarding violence on or near campus). Thankfully, “no one seems to be seriously hurt”. We heard some hairy stuff from friends, things that didn’t jive with the actual story. Looks like the rumor mongering might have been a game of telephone gone bad …

EDIT: While we didn’t mention race in our piece, the loquacious Avinash felt the need to make ethnic cracks regarding the robbery suspects. In his Bears Necessity post, he wrote: bq. Man, black people sure haven’t forgotten how to run. Not sure why they went UPHILL though…Um, wow. So one petty crime gets racialized? Usually we’d just ignore that, like so many other crazy/racist/sexist comments one can find on the net. But when a blogger is attempting to reflect the student life of our school, it’s important not to promote that kind of image, and send those kinds of messages. Just an opinion.