It’s been eight years since Chancellor Berdahl relinquished his reign over the university. Now, Chancellor Birgeneau is stepping Looks Can Kill (1)down at the end of the semester – check that, at the end of the school year… the old man just can’t seem to make up his mind. Now, we could focus on how he’s inherently likable as a Canadian, originally from one of the schools that tied us in world rankings, or one of the most cited physicists across the globe, but that’s all validating and boring.

Instead, let’s focus on his just-announced replacement. In choosing Nicholas B. Dirks as the 10th Chancellor, the university’s advisory committee has proven that first impressions are important, and of course, that looks can kill.

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We love Canada. Is it because of the obvious stereotypes of politeness, hockey playing and maple leaves or their excellent healthcare, bacon, and city of Toronto? We’re not entirely sure. Either way, though, we’re psyched that Canadian ambassador Jeremy Kinsman is giving a speech in the Great Hall of International House tonight Nov. 15 at 7:30 p.m.

Kinsman is a regular contributor to CBC News and “Policy Options” magazine. He’s also the diplomat in residence at Princeton, in addition to his ambassador duties. His talk is entitled: “So what about the world? Why does democracy seem so hard?”

A snarky answer would seem natural here, but we honestly don’t know the answer. We’re hoping Kinsman does. And that he’ll be diplomatic about our ignorance (and groan-inducing puns).

Image source: ankakay under Creative Commons
So What About the World? Why Does Democracy Seem so Hard? With Ambassador Jeremy Kinsman [International House Calendar]