RogenA comedy about cancer? Coming from now producer, Seth Rogen, we’re not surprised. While the idea of a cancer comedy initially seems strange, upcoming release “50/50″ pulls off the perfect balance between humor and the dark side of illness. The movie is based on writer Will Reiser and Seth Rogen’s experience after they discovered Reiser had cancer.

The real-life friends came to San Francisco to talk about their journey and their new flick. Here’s what they had to say:

Are you worried about being type-casted as the guy whose friend has cancer?

SR: I am worried about it, but I think I’ll do three more movies about that before I’ll call it a limit. I have a few more diseases to hit.

WR: This is a franchise.

SR: Like Lord of the Rings. read more »

cautionWarning: this post may contain a hazardous amount of science. Peter Duesberg, a molecular and cell biology professor here at UC Berkeley, and his colleagues have come out with a theory that cancer is the evolution of a new species. Duesberg said that cancer is a parasite: it relies on its host for nourishment, but is otherwise an independent organism that is most likely doing damage to the host.

Duesberg’s argument isn’t exactly groundbreaking, as early forms of the idea can be traced back to the late 20th century. According to him, the prevailing theory of cancer as genes that mutate and trigger unstoppable growth in a cell, is false. He proposes that cancer is actually when chromosomes are disrupted, ultimately leading to damage that affects the balance of genes.

The good thing about this theory is that it could lead to new ways of thinking about cures and the like. The theory is of course a lot more detailed and intelligent-sounding than this, but hopefully this simplified version wasn’t too much for those of us who aren’t exactly amazing at science.

Image Source: s_jelan under Creative Commons
Are cancers newly evolved species? [UC Berkeley News Center]

The Citizens’ Sunshine Ordinance, an independent citizens’ group in Berkeley which has nothing to do with sunshine, recently submitted a government ordinance to the Berkeley City Council that would make all city records, except those otherwise protected by law, available to the public Six Reasons Why movies .

Basically what this means is that Berkeley will save a lotta clams by curtailing the number of citizen lawsuits that happen to be in vogue now. Essentially, it’s like putting that gigantic “smoking kills” warning on the packet of cigarettes, so you can’t go knocking on the door of Marlboro when you’re smoking through your throat. When everyone knows the rules and procedures, they can be enforced without lawsuits, and disputes can be settled at the local, rather than federal, level.

The Planet lists some of the features of the Citizens’ Sunshine Ordinance: read more »