cannabisThe catchy slogan was popularized by the campaign to pass Prop 19 on California’s ballot in 2010. However, it seemed to have died with the proposition as Californians voted not to legalize and thereby regulate marijuana. Obviously, since it is illegal, marijuana is nowhere to be found in Berkeley. Psyche!

Located on San Pablo Avenue, the 40 Acres Medical Marijuana Growers Collective‘s membership has recently accelerated to over 7,000 locals, making it one of the most significant cannabis businesses in the city. Concerns have been raised as read more »

smoke that shit

It’s no secret that the people of Berkeley — or as we like to call our adoptive city, “Luttel Amsterdam” (it’s Dutch for “little” so no corrections, English majors!) — love to partake in occasional doses of Cannabis sativa — or as the cool kids like to call it nowadays, “Marijuana.” Take too many strolls down Telegraph Avenue or Downtown Berkeley and we’re almost positive you’ve got no chance of passing your next drug test. And, given that officials seem completely nonchalant about it, why don’t we just finally make like a Dutch tree and smoke leaves. Get it? … No? … Was it that bad? … Okay, we apologize for that.

Robert MacCoun, professor of law and policy at UC Berkeley, has carried out a new study about the regulation of marijuana in the Netherlands and whether the United States would benefit from a similar system.

According to the Huffington Post, coffee shops in the Netherlands are allowed to sell limited amounts of marijuana to adults over the age of 18. Although the Dutch law still declares marijuana an illegal substance, it also prohibits officials from taking action against the coffee shop vendors or customers.

MacCoun explains that the Dutch system is read more »

Now that Walgreens has invaded Telegraph Avenue and Trader Joe’s is proposed for University Avenue, it looks like Berkeley is finally becoming bourgeois. Right?

Wrong. Fear not hippies and students who wish they were students during the ’60s, for Berkeley’s spirit lies not in the 15 gelaterias that occupy a 10-mile radius around campus, but rather in the community’s fight to preserve its true essence—weed.

Last week the Berkeley Patients Group, one of the three (three!) medical cannabis clubs in Berkeley, found their assets frozen after their sister organization in Los Angeles was raided by the police. We didn’t even know such clubs existed before reading about the event, but now that we do, we fully support the 2,500 residents the Berkeley Patients Group serves with its wonderfully magical medicine.

By all means (please!) let Berkeley be the safe haven for the distribution of medical marijuana. What better issue to fight for? In fact, why are we even posting this? Who needs convincing? Under Proposition 215, more than 80 percent of Berkeley voters approved of legal medical marijuana. Even City Council members are warning Berkeley police not to make similar raids as carried out by the federal administration.

The lesson learned here is that from oaks to cannabis if it’s not green, it’s not worth saving. But you already knew that. For yet another example on Berkeley’s love for vegetation, “check out the enthusiasm for a plant that releases a stench similar to a decomposing mammal.

Mmm, yes. Now that’s what we call Berkeley.

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