5867512923_05b371ddbcContrary to popular belief, Berkeley students do not live in the main stacks, never seeing the sun and only coming out to retrieve the FSM coffee they need to survive in their vampiric lifestyle (Well, not all Berkeley students – some live in Soda Hall). We actually do like to get out and go places. However, sometimes it’s difficult.

Yes, there’s public transit if you don’t have a car, but BART, Muni, Caltrain, Amtrak, AC Transit — they are only so reliable and often take twice as long as driving would. And Zipcar can sure get pricey. If you are cursed blessed enough to have a car in Berkeley, let’s face it: Gas is expensive, and often it would be cheaper to take public transit (Plus, do you really want to give up that parking spot?).

So what’s a Berkeleyan on the go to do? The answer read more »

Since it’s Friday afternoon, we here at the Clog know there’s only one thing on your mind: How can I use Facebook to reduce my carbon footprint? Well, we’ve got the answer.

A new application developed in part by students in UC Berkeley’s Energy and Resources Group and Zimride can help. Called Carpool, the application connects you with other people taking car trips so you can–you guessed it–carpool there. All you have to do is input where and when you are driving, and you’ll be connected with other people going the same way. It works the other way around, too, so if you need a ride, you can find people driving there. It saves gas money and it saves the planet. And the more people who use it, the better it works.

Carpool [Facebook]