There’s no denying that college kids always love a good dose of nostalgia in their lives. At this age we can’t get enough of the stuff, with the impending push of the real world drawing near with every consecutive year we finish at Cal. For those who desire it, this week’s dose of awesome childhood nostalgia comes in the form of the announcement of the return of the “Powerpuff Girls!”

Now who doesn’t remember that amazing show from our childhood? Who can forget Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup? After all, those girls were made with sugar, spice and everything nice. Oh and CHEMICAL X. But the show was definitely a childhood favorite for many. Okay, sure the show was specifically designed to appeal to girls but hey, we boys at the Clog watched it too! It was cool … Y’know, for the fights and stuff.

An exciting announcement was recently made by Cartoon Network, the channel that broadcasted the original series from 1998-2005. According to the press release, the series is slated to make a return with all of its old voice cast reprising their roles and “will soar again as a brand-new, redesigned and re-imagined CG special coming in 2013 where the trio of pint-sized super heroines will be called upon to rescue not just the city of Townsville, but the USA and the world!” The special will also oddly feature the Beatles drummer Ringo Starr, who is set to compose the theme song of read more »

rocky and bullwinkle

“Rocky and Bullwinkle” might not be our generation’s most popular TV show (no, no, we’d clearly rather tune in for “Jersey Shore”), but if you ever stayed up watching late-night reruns of this classic show on, like, TV Land, then it’s likely that you too have a soft spot for that lovable squirrel-moose duo.

And it is because of these fond “Rocky and Bullwinkle” memories, that it pains us to say that their creator (as well as Berkeley native and former Cal student) Alexander Anderson passed away on Friday, Oct. 22 in Carmel, California.

Animators are easily the unsung heroes of television, as they rarely receive adequate acknowledgement for the tremendous work they complete, and Anderson was no exception to this rule. In fact, it wasn’t until a 1996 lawsuit that Anderson was publicly recognized as the man who invented Rocky, Bullwinkle, and their many friends.

Anderson’s work has influenced such other prominent cartoonists as “The Simpsons’” Matt Groening, and his tremendous creative talent is something we’ll all miss.

Image Source: bbaltimore under Creative Commons
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